Sunday, 11 March 2018

Like Mother, Like Daughter

It's Mothering Sunday here in the UK today, so I thought what better topic than to review mother-daughter style?  A while ago I posted some pictures of my mum on her wedding day, and included a picture of me playing dress-up in her bridal gown.

We tend to have completely different preferences when it comes to clothes.  Or so I thought.  It seems maybe we do share a bit of common ground when it comes to clothes after all...

Big hats

mother and daughter @porcelinasworld

It seems we both like a big hat.  I think my mum has something of a regal air in hers, whereas I just look like I'm up to mischief!  These photos were both taken at the same wedding, which is why we're both in blue as well.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Code Red for Snow

In my last outfit post I mentioned that we'd had a small earthquake here in Wales.  Well this week we've topped that with a red weather warning.  Wales has seen some of the deepest snowfall in the UK, with huge drifts caused by the Beast from the East snowstorm converging with storm Emma from the South.  Where we live in the Rhondda, the level of snowfall isn't actually too bad compared to other areas.  All the roads are clear, as the council has done a sterling job with the gritters, tractors and snow ploughs.  As a precaution to the blizzard that developed, all trains and buses stopped, they closed the leisure centres and schools, and we were all advised not to drive.  Most people have gone sledging, or walked to the pub!  The mountains around us don't actually look as though they have much snow on - it's because it's blown off.  And ended up in drifts at the bottom of the valleys (and especially outside our back door - I found a use for all that snow and chilled my prosecco in it!).

Temperatures have started to rise above zero again, but it's still been snowing.  There isn't much fun in standing outside for too long to take photos in this kind of weather, so these shots are taken outside my house.  Please excuse the unexciting backdrop on this occasion.  The outfit is pretty exciting though - I've been wanting to share some pictures with you for a while of this fabulous 1970s' Eastex black and gold dress.  The thick synthetic fabric is really cosy, and I love the Deco feel to it.  I wear it quite a bit around the house when we're having a 'dress-up and stay-in' date night.

The coat was borrowed from my husband to keep me warm enough for the photos.  It's a WWII Swedish officer's coat, made of thick horse hide, and it is wool blanket lined.  The weight is incredible, around 5kg.  It's an exceptional piece of clothing.  It stops all the wind, and the big sheepskin collar can be turned up to protect your neck.  My husband got it from an army surplus trader at V98 festival.  He got it in exchange for £45's worth of Virgin Megastore vouchers.  An absolute bargain!  Paired with a black hat, I felt a bit sinister in this outfit, like I should be doing espionage.

Code red @porcelinasworld

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

February Purchases

It's time for the monthly shopping update!  Last month was a bit spendy, so I deliberately tightened the purse strings this month and stuck to all second-hand clothes.  I don't think I even ventured through the doorway of a 'proper shop'.

We've had a few particularly cold spells (currently really cold spells with the 'Beast from the East'), so it seemed sensible to stock up on a couple of long-sleeve poloneck tops from the charity shops' winter sales.  The purple one is an M&S thermal (£1) - with sparkle - and the other is just a Primark one, but is silver with a lot of sparkle (£2.99.  Why not stay cosy and still feel a bit partyish?

February purchases @porcelinasworld

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