Sunday, 28 May 2017

Anyone For Croquet?

On our whistle-stop Dorset adventure we had to squeeze in just one more National Trust property, aside from the fabulous Portland House that is.  We chose to visit Max Gate, formerly author Thomas Hardy's home, as it's close to Dorchester.  The house is a Victorian building that Hardy designed himself, though it was extended over the years, perhaps to accommodate the icy atmosphere that developed between him and his first wife.  She basically moved into the rather small attic rooms, with a little parlour of her own where she could write undisturbed, whilst Hardy had a massive well-lit study and the large master bedroom on the floor below.  It doesn't seem entirely fair, but I think she just wanted to be left alone!

The garden was delightfully tranquil.  There's a fairly busy road nearby but it felt very peaceful, and very Edwardian rather than Victorian.  All civilised tea on the lawn and rounds of croquet, which Hardy enjoyed with guests.  I admit that my husband and I don't know the rules to croquet, so we made up our own.  I lost the game, despite an early lead.

Lindybop dress @porcelinasworld

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

April Purchases

April has been a bumper shopping month!  I'm a bit embarrassed writing this post, as it's quite obscene the amount I've bought.  However, once again I've managed to stick to mainly second-hand shopping.  Budget friendly, charity friendly, and planet friendly.

In Bath I bought a '70s navy floppy hat from a charity shop, £2.  I also picked up a sleeveless blouse the same weekend, for £1.  It was unfortunately a 'revolving door' purchase - the buttons gaped when I wore it and it wasn't quite long enough for successful tucking-in, so the blouse is already on the re-donate pile.

Thrifted purchases @porcelinasworld

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Pretty Retro Tie Top in Dorchester

Quality basics are something that I often overlook in my wardrobe.  It can be hard finding those wardrobe essentials that fit a vintage aesthetic, are high quality, ethically made, and within a reasonable budget.  It's here that I feel Pretty Retro have found a niche.  I purchased their 'Pretty tie top' in black, and have already found it to be a great staple that can be dressed up or down.  I took it on our recent trip down to Dorset, wearing it on our journey down in the car.  These photos are after a few hours' drive when we stretched our legs on our exploration of the Brewery Quarter near to where we were staying.

Pretty Retro tie top @porcelinasworld

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