Wednesday, 26 April 2017

March Purchases

March had relatively slim pickings due to a concerted effort simply to not shop as much.  But I can't stay away from the charity shops for too long.  In a local community shop I found some new in packet white elbow length wool gloves (they'll be packed away for winter), and for the bargain price of £1 they had to come home with me.

From our trip to West Wales, there were a few good buys.  You've already seen the Laura Ashley pinafore dress (£7.99), and the vintage Kangol yellow wool boater hat (£2) in my Bath outfit post.  I also bought some interesting Next leather shoes (a few quid) and a pair of red vintage gloves (50p).  The shoes are maybe a decade old, as they're made in Italy and I haven't seen any Next shoes manufactured there for a long time.  I liked them because they reminded me of the heel on some designer (I think Miu Miu?) shoes a few years ago.

March purchases

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Gingham Was Made for Spring

In a very surprising turn of events, it was 18 degrees celsius in Wales in April on the day these photos were taken.  It had been about 10 degrees in the preceding days, and I therefore had a momentary panic after watching the weather forecast.  I rummaged through boxes and suitcases, and sent my husband up the attic, trying to find all the gingham (which as you all know is obligatory to wear as soon as it warms up).

I was looking for my gingham jeans (still not found them), or the gingham Hell Bunny dress (which I remembered I'd actually sold as it didn't fit very well).  I then thought about my blue and white gingham Lindybop dress, but couldn't find that either.  Where was all the gingham?!  Another hour later and I felt triumphant when I finally found some gingham, in the form of another Lindybop dress.

Gingham Lindybop dress

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Crimpelene Chic

I am a bit fussy about fabrics.  With some synthetics I get too hot, too cold, too sweaty, or too itchy, and that's why I tend to favour natural fibres in my clothing.  There's always an exception to every rule though, and when I spied this zig-zag mini-dress in a charity shop for £1, I had to snap it up.  Even though it appears to be some form of crimpelene.  The fabric has a touch of sparkle which doesn't show up in these photographs, but looks lovely in evening light.


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