Monday, 20 May 2019

Killerton Estate

I am playing catch-up with my blog posts, but it's always better to start at the beginning.  Before our visit to Burgh Island I booked another night in Devon, to extend the trip.  I wanted to renew our National Trust membership as a birthday present to myself, so on the drive down from Wales we broke the journey with a stop at Killerton.  This 18th century property, that was given to the National Trust by the Acland family in 1944, offers a little more than your standard grand house and garden experience, as it houses a fashion exhibition.  Far better than a motorway service station!

Monday, 13 May 2019

The Mermaid Pool

Last week I turned 40 years old in style, by spending my birthday with my husband at the incredible Art Deco extravaganza that is Burgh Island hotel.  Originally a resort for the rich and famous, the iconic hotel is situated on its own private island.  It certainly was a decadent beginning to my next decade  - start as you mean to go on!  I will be sharing my experience in full detail but before I can do that, I have hundreds of photos to wade through.

In the meantime then, I wanted to share my first outfit on the island.  This was my "arrival outfit", which also included a jacket, hat and bag, that I removed for our first stroll around the island.  I'm glad I took the hat off.  The wind was quite strong uphill and Chris nearly lost his hat a few times!

We retreated therefore to this charming, secretive little cove, reached by a wooden staircase (I was pleased it's not reached by a rickety 'Jacob's ladder' as described in Christie's novel, 'Evil Under the Sun').  At the bottom is the 'Mermaid Pool', a natural pool filled with seawater and surrounded by high rocks.  There's a pontoon moored in the middle that you can swim out to.  I would have loved to, but sea temperatures in May are decidedly chilly, so I thought I'd avert pneumonia and give it a miss.

Monday, 6 May 2019

By Full Tilt River and Switchback Sea

It was a drizzly, misty Monday morning at the estuary in Laugharne, West Wales.  There's a short walk from the sleepy town that loops past the castle, along the estuary to Dylan Thomas's writing shed, and then his former residence, The Boathouse.  It's the same route we take on every visit, sometimes reversing it for variety.  We stopped at the writing shed first.  It always amuses me how the first line of the text displayed on the information panel outside is "This is not the Boathouse", because tourists were getting confused.  There are also lots of signs along the narrow winding lane warning "Go back now!" and "No turning space ahead" because a few people had tried to drive along it and ended up getting their cars stuck.

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