Thursday, 12 September 2019

Capture the Castle

Where did the summer go?  September always seems to arrive sooner that I anticipate.  I've had a few weeks (well-deserved) time off work, and Chris and I headed to the coast of West Wales for a few days.  On the list of things to do was a trip to Cilgerran Castle.  It wasn't too far from our friend's caravan where we were staying, so we headed there armed only with a small picnic rather than medieval weaponry.

Friday, 23 August 2019

A Seaside Stay in Croyde

At the start of August some friends from London invited us to stay with them in Devon for the weekend at an Airbnb they'd rented.  I know - Devon again!  It was my third trip this year.  It was a different area of Devon again though, this time the North Devon coast.  Our base was the beautiful bay of Croyde.  Our journey was slow thanks to Friday motorway traffic, but nothing compared to what our London friends had to endure, it took them the best part of 8 hours, and they have a 4 month old baby and a dog...  Still, this is the beautiful sight that greeted us all when we eventually arrived.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Old, With Tags

My obsession with vintage workwear continues.  You might remember the fabulous his-and-hers chore jackets that Chris and I bought from a car boot sale.  I'm not seeking this kind of thing out, it just seems to find me!  A recent chance conversation with some regular sellers at our local car boot sale led to being able to visit their Aladdin's cave (warehouse), and I came away with some gems.  The latest additions to my collection are a pair of "deadstock" (still with tags on) housecoats or aprons.  Firstly is this fabulous 1960s mini length little housecoat, in eye-popping colours and a sweet daisy print, with ric-rac on the pockets.  This one had no brand label, the tag was a plain paper one with 'Wx' (W for women?  And x for large or freesize?) printed on it.  Price £1.47 and 1/2p.  That's equivalent to £28.23 of purchasing power today.  I read in the Mary Quant exhibition that a Bazaar shop assistant earned under £7 a week.  I wore this jazzy number for a day of chores around the house, including scraping wallpaper, sewing, cleaning, and picking some tiny but tasty plums from the trees in our front garden.  I especially like the exaggerated sleeves, they stick out to give an American football player silhouette.

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