Monday, 9 December 2019

Let the Hibernation Begin!

I have finished work!  I am now a lady of leisure until the baby arrives.  The last month demanded a lot of effort, to make sure that I could leave my projects in a fit state to be handed over.  My colleagues were wonderfully supportive, and with a bit of flexible working around antenatal appointments and pregnancy-related ailments, they helped me over the finish line.  I really love my new job, so it was with mixed emotions that I left on Friday, knowing that it could be up to a year until I return.  Having said that, I won't miss the cramped train commute (with nobody offering a seat...),  the leaving the house early on dark mornings, and having to find clothes that fit at this stage of pregnancy and look vaguely professional.

Today was a cold, crisp day, and I was glad of this lovely and warm cashmere blend coat, that was a summer car boot sale buy for a fiver.  It's now straining at the buttons over my 36 week bump, I am not sure it will last another week.  The gloves were also a car boot sale buy, an eagle-eyed spot by Chris who noticed the CC41 label, dating them to the 1940s.  I paid 50p, and they've been such a wardrobe staple.  They match the shade of brown in a few pairs of boots I own, including these new-to-me boots from Jones the Bootmaker, charity-shopped for £6.99.

Sunday, 17 November 2019


A 'babymoon' is a newfangled term for a relaxed getaway for expectant parents before the baby arrives.  I am not sure our trip to Pembrokeshire last weekend entirely counts, as it was based around Chris's work, but it probably was the last time that we'll be away before the baby arrives.  Some of it was relaxing, for me at least, but Chris may need another weekend to recover!

Our destination on the Friday was the pretty coastal town of St David's, home of a cathedral, and a decent live music scene thanks to some passionate locals.  Chris was playing that night at the local RAFA club, so we arrived early enough for him to do sound-check, while I had a power nap at the B&B (I have got to the stage where I do need a nap if I'm expected to stay up past 9pm).  We then had dinner with our lovely hosts Steve and Orla - who not only run the fabulous Ty Boia B&B but also put on the music nights - and headed off to the venue.  The main act was Nashville singer-songwriter Erin Rae, who I hadn't listened to beforehand, but was very impressed with.  Gorgeous voice!  It was spellbinding in such a small venue.  The evening was a success for everyone involved.

The next day, we took a short drive to Whitesands Bay.  Don't be fooled by these pictures, it was blowing a gale and very cold.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Bun In The Oven

As if I hadn't packed enough in to 2019, the best is yet to come...  Chris and I are excited to share with you that we're expecting a baby in early January!

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