Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Pyjamas in Public

This outfit was a variation on a theme.  I loved wearing my wide leg pyjama style trousers the other week.  I thought I'd try and recreate a similar look based on that 'formula' of loose trousers, a white blouse and summery accessories.  Those particular trousers were in the wash (a seagull got me!) so the only other pair to hand were these actual pyjama bottoms (seen before here).  They are a little sheer, but I didn't think anyone would notice next to the kind of heatwave outfits I've seen lately (one girl literally supermarket shopping in a bra, and hot pants that didn't even cover half her cheeks.  Am I becoming prudish in my old age?!  She was with her Nan who wasn't batting an eyelid).  Talking of supermarkets, a few years ago there was a news story about one here in Wales that banned customers from attending in their pyjamas after an epidemic of onesies.  I wonder if I'd have been turned away in this outfit?

The fabric is light and floaty, perfect for the heat, and kept me covered enough so that I didn't spontaneously combust on a stroll around the baking hot car boot sale.  We called into a local nature reserve a little later, which is where these photos were taken.  It was sweltering and the sun was glaring, which made getting some good shots really difficult.  We tried me facing the sun, back to the sun, fully in the shade... none of it was working very well!  So, I'm not happy with these photos but it was too hot to try again and time is something I'm really short of at the moment.  We called it quits and went and sat by the sea and ate ice-cream.  Perfection will have to wait.  Shooting into the sun is something I'd like to practice, as it's a technique that can reduce the bleaching that bright sunlight can cause (blogger Catherine Summers wrote an excellent blog photo post here on the topic). 

Pyjamas in public @porcelinasworld

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

May and June Purchases

It's a bumper post, two months in one!  Time has galloped past, so I was struggling to remember what I've bought exactly, and had to look through my PayPal and bank statements.  I was away in Spain for a week at the start of May, and then there were a few weekend commitments that restricted my trips to charity shops and car boot sales.&newersp; Somehow I have still managed to have shopped quite a bit...

On my way to a wedding, a quick pitstop in a Welsh village resulted in two hats.  I wear 'baker boy' styles quite a bit in winter as they are quite wind/rain proof.  The assymetric brown hat has a very '20s feel on.  I think the baker boy was a quid and the brown one about £7.

thrifty bargains @porcelinasworld

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Summer Green

The landscape of Wales is renowned for being green, and this summer it is exceptionally so.  The beautiful warm sunshine, punctuated with the odd couple of days' rain, has resulted in a lush panorama in our valley.  Our garden has also sprung into life.  The rhubarb has shot up like a triffid, and the mass of apple blossom we enjoyed in Spring has morphed into a large crop of steadily growing fruit.

Summer Green @porcelinasworld

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