Monday, 11 May 2020

Backyard Birthday

This time last year I'd just returned from a long weekend in Devon with Chris to celebrate my 40th birthday, including a stay at the utterly fabulous Burgh Island Hotel. This year's celebration of turning 41 years old on Friday couldn't have been more different! A birthday in lockdown, in our back garden. And it was just right.

After my favourite breakfast - smoked salmon in scrambled eggs - we had a walk in our local forest again. No buzzard vs crow combat on this occasion, but we did hear a rather exuberant cuckoo. It's an area that's very quiet, with usually us encountering only a couple of other people on our hour's loop. You would think that being on top of a mountain with the horizon stretching out infinitely that this would make it easy to keep well over 2 metres away. We were astounded then, when at a fork in the track, an older couple coming from the other direction seemed intent on walking straight towards us, until Chris spoke to them. Honestly, some people seem oblivious!

Monday, 4 May 2020

The Home Front

Good morning from the Rhondda valley!  May has arrived, and with it there's usually a sense of celebration.  It's a big month for birthdays among my family and friends.  Generally the temperature has slightly improved by this point, the flowers are out in full force, and the festivals, vintage fairs, car boot sales and antiques shows are beginning.  It's obviously a little more subdued than usual this year, less of a fanfare and more of a squeak.  This week I've been mainly feeling tired to be honest, the night feeds are taking their toll!  I think I've visibly aged.  I took the opportunity therefore on 1st May, to wash my face in the early morning dew, a tradition passed on to me by my mother.  If you've not heard of this custom, the dew is said to have 'magical' properties, and will keep you looking youthful.  Chris was out there like a shot once I told him.

Most of this week has been a bit dark and moody, with me forlornly staring out of the windows at the rainy garden rather than being out in it.  The goldfinches seemed happy enough in the rain.  Still, I did manage a few quick jobs like staking the peonies, and weeding between the cracks on our paths.

Saturday, 25 April 2020

From a Distance

Another week in lockdown, and I am feeling conditioned to the situation. When restrictions are lifted, will I even want to leave my house again?!  I made a mental list of the places I am missing most (not including seeing friends and family) - the coast, National Trust properties, garden centres, maybe the leisure centre?  Chris added car boot sales.  There's a lot I could do without.  I am never short of things to occupy me.

Before lockdown, I'd started back at my spin class, was going to mama yoga, and was clocking up the miles on walks pushing the pram. Instead, I have been doing a '90s barre class through Glowing Live on Instagram, have kept up yoga via Yoga With Adriene on YouTube, and have been furiously gardening. Lifting a baby is great for arm muscles. Keeping up the exercise happily means I now have more wardrobe options! I put together a summery 'character in a Poirot' inspired look based around some navy M&S trousers I can finally zip up again. I wore them to Burgh Island last May. That 1930s necklace was grabbed by little hands almost immediately and had to be taken off.  It's only a soft rolled wire holding the beads in place, so Chris fixed it easily.  Parasol was a souvenir from Thailand 20 years ago.

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