Sunday, 30 August 2015

Downton Abbey

I went to Downton Abbey as part of my hen weekend!!  I say 'Downton', what I mean is Highclere Castle near Newbury in Berkshire, which was the home of Lord Canarvon, famous for discovering Tutankhamun's tomb.  The series Downton Abbey films at the house and grounds, making use of three of the bedrooms, and a selection of downstairs rooms, including the dining room and that fabulous hall that looks like it belongs in some Scottish hunting lodge.  Isn't the building impressive?

Downton Abbey
Photos all by my Mother!  Thank you!

The series is set in 1912 and follows the characters through to the mid 1920s.  I don't own any true vintage from that time period, the oldest piece I have in my wardrobe being this re-worked 1930s dress.  Originally it had long disintegrated lace sleeves and was floor length, but it was in awful condition and I made new sleeves from the hem.  It's very, very fragile still - this is probably the last time I shall wear it.  I would like to make a pattern from it and then perhaps frame it as a work of beauty!  What better setting to give this dress a final outing than the sweeping grounds of Downton Abbey?

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Hen Havoc at The Retro Festival

I was a bit greedy and had two hen weekends, one with friends, and one with family.  For the latter, my Mother, sisters, nieces and I all met up near Newbury for a weekend of family fun.  On the Saturday we'd all booked tickets for the Retro Festival, and boy was it the scorcher of the year so far!  Some of us were a bit delicate, having slightly overdone the prosecco the night before (ahem!) but we soldiered on.

Hen Havoc

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Rainbow Dress

Nothing beats the ease of throwing on a dress in summer.  No top and bottom to co-ordinate, no tights to find, and underwear is optional.  It's two-second dressing, so that you have more time to get outside and feel the sun on your skin (with SPF30 if you're fair-skinned like me!).  One of my favourite summer dresses is this beautifully bright '80s dress that I found in a charity shop in Keynsham.  It languished for a year or two in the wardrobe as I tried to work out how to style it and what occasion to wear it for.  Then I realised it just needed to be thrown on.  It quickly became one of my 'holiday' dresses that I only wear for that one week's holiday in the Med I take each year.  What a waste to only wear some dresses once a year.  Time to change that - I am already planning how to wear this dress for Autumn, perhaps with tan boots and a cropped cardigan.

Rainbow Dress

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