Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Recent Charity Shop Haul

These days I've a strict one-in, several-out policy in force in terms of clothing and accessory purchases.  I have made a bit more room in my wardrobe lately by shifting bags full of unwanted - sometimes unworn - clothes off to the charity shops, and listing items on Ebay.  It has been most cleansing!  What has been striking is that the more boring - and low end - modern casual stuff just hasn't been worn, even around the house or garden.  Bye bye jeggings, t-shirts, thin jersey tops, low rise jeans.  I'm not interested in you any more.  Uncomfortable shoes have also been removed, and those old but comfy knickers are now off to the textile recycling place (yes, even old pants can be recycled - I think they break down the fibres and use them to make stuffing for car seats and things).

With space cleared, I was free to pay a visit to the charity shops once more.  In the first one we visited I picked up a black tote bag thinking it would be useful for work and then realised it had the Vivienne Westwood symbol on it.  It's got to be a fake, surely.  I bought it, for £2.99, as I really do need a tote bag for work, rather than for the potential designer bargain.  I'm feeling clear of conscience as even if it is a fake, I've bought it from a charity shop, so I'm not supporting fake factories with poor working conditions.  I hope.  I have bought fake designer bags on hols in the past, never really thinking about where they're made.

In the same shop I bought a 1950s western shirt pattern (50p), look at how amazing it is!  It's my husband's size and he's already getting excited about the potential for me to create custom stage-wear for him.  Hmm, we're years off that level of skill to be honest.  I've offered to make him some pyjama bottoms in the meantime.  The other buys were from a different shop, and included a silk scarf from Accessorize (£1) and a pair of leather gloves with fluffy pom poms on (£2).

thrifty bargains

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Breezy Does It

On a sunny Saturday morning a 'quick trip' to the charity shops turned into a day's outing, with a scenic drive and an impromptu visit to the hilltop town of Llantrisant for a picnic.  There's a ruined castle overlooking the sweeping vista below, and after our picnic on the grass we took a stroll to the pretty churchyard.  It was beautifully sunny, but quite breezy on the hilltop, and the skirt of my dress filled up a few times like a balloon.  The shape of this dress is great though, as it's not a full circle skirt and so even if the wind catches it, one's modesty is preserved.  It was one of my Lindybop sale dresses, in a rare Lindybop success story!

Breezy does it

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

This Month In Sewing

I have quietly been doing a few sewing projects over the past few weeks, on my steep learning curve of self-taught dressmaking.  Firstly, I turned a dress past its best into a peplum top.  It looks good over a pencil skirt, belted, and I've also worn it over black cropped trousers.  It's not as faded in real life as it looks in the photo below, so I'm hoping to get a little more wear out of it before it gets consigned to being a duster.

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