Sunday, 29 March 2015

Eclipse: Monsoon Dress & Outback Boots

One of my favourite styles of clothing, that doesn't get featured that much on this blog, is the heavily embellished, be-tassled, ethnic, folk, or gypsy style. I don't have as many pieces of this style as I'd like, probably because it does tend to be that much more expensive because of all the embellished work that's gone into it. And they don't seem to turn up in the car boot sales or charity shops!

Eclipse Monsoon Folk Dress & Outback Boots

We had a partial eclipse of the sun here in the UK last weekend.  There was a strange, hazy light, and we headed up the hill behind our house to see if anything dramatic would happen, like a dark shadow covering the valley below.  Disappointingly, nothing seemed to happen at all.  We didn't have those eclipse glasses or use a pin-hole camera, but a friend was more lucky and managed to take this photo using eclipse glasses in front of her camera lens.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Pink For Spring

Saturday was the most glorious day of the year so far.  After a productive car-boot mission, we returned home to enjoy the blossom bursting forth, Wales playing like their lives depended on it in the rugby, and some rather nice Sauvignon Blanc sipped whilst sat on our porch.

Pink for Spring

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Bloggers Spring Meet Up With St. Davids

Last week I popped along to Wahaca, newly opened in Cardiff, for a little Spring blogger meet-up arranged by St. David's shopping centre.  Stylist Claire Rees, who is the fashion journalist for Wales Online, was there to give us a brief overview of Spring trends, and there was quite the assortment of garments from M&S, Vivienne Westwood, Miss Selfridge and more hanging around to give us some inspiration.

St Davids bloggers meetup

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