Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My Vintage Wedding: The Details

Following on from my recent post about our wedding outfits, I thought today I'd delve into the rest of the details of my vintage wedding, which took place in Wales in September last year (2015).  I will share all of the information on the venues, suppliers and so forth, but I'm not going into the DIY bits and where we saved money in this one - look out for another installment on 'the budget' if that's what you're interested in.  If it's the outfits that really interest you, then please see the previous post here.  Read on to find out whether I turned into a Bridezilla, or kept my sanity!

The Background
Chris and I met back in 2007, when a dear friend played cupid.  We bought a house and moved in together in 2013, and Chris proposed on holiday the following year.  He was adamant that the wedding should be a year exactly from that day - so, the date was set, and as soon as we returned from holiday we booked the venues.

My Vintage Wedding

Sunday, 7 February 2016

House of Foxy Betty Swing Dress Review

For top of the range vintage reproduction clothing, it's no secret that I'm a fan of the House of Foxy.  I recently picked up their Betty Swing Dress in the sale, helped along with some Christmas vouchers.  The dress is based on a pattern from the 1959 to 1962 era, or 'Mad Men' era in today's shorthand.  Available in both red and teal, I went for the teal.  I recently wore it to the National Theatre Awards in Cardiff, and before I headed out I had time for a few quick photos, so I can share my review of the dress with you all.  I'm afraid there wasn't time before I caught my train for a glamorous backdrop, so this is more of a review than an 'outfit post'.

House of Foxy Betty dress

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

January Purchases

I know I said I wasn't going to buy any dresses or other things I don't actually need this year, but I have to confess that before I wrote my wardrobe review of 2015 and had a good sort-out, I shopped the sales.  At a time of year when one can feel the winter blues creep around. I try and get more sleep, cut down on booze, get sufficient daylight and exercise, and eat healthily.  Those all help, but the real tonic is shopping!  The thrill of a bidding war on Ebay or tracking down that last pair of matching knickers in your size.  And when you trudge home in the dark after a day in work, soaked through and weary, the delight of a pink or gold parcel waiting for you cannot be underestimated.  It promises time travel, escapism and glamour in a world of onesies, and it comforts you that, yes, spring will return.

There are, of course, disappointments.  Stock errors.  Bizarre faults.  Misrepresented Ebay items. Hefty credit card bills.  Read on to find out what the keepers and weepers were...


January purchases

The House of Foxy Betty Swing Dress is a stunning dress, and as it was in the sale and I had a voucher, it was excellent value.  I have already worn this to an awards ceremony  and will do a full review of this dress very soon.
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