Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Glastonbury Tor

June has barely begun, but this is already the most glorious summer I can remember for a long time.  We have had a good stretch of warm and sunny days - yes, even in Wales - and I have been trying to make the most of them.  On the weekend, my husband and I had a trip to the English county of Somerset.  Home of cider apples, Glastonbury Festival, and Mulberry handbags.

It was early evening when we arrived at the town of Glastonbury.  It was still baking hot.  We'd actually spent all day walking around the massive Shepton Flea Market, so the last thing I planned on doing was to walk up a steep hill.  Somehow my husband cajoled me into walking up Glastonbury Tor, a hill that affords amazing views over the flat country it rises from.  I complained quite a bit - it is not an easy climb in the heat.  It was worth it though!

The tower on top of the tor is all that remains of St Michael's Church, built in the 1300s.  The tower has been rebuilt extensively since then.  It's a site of religious significance still, including for Pagans and those worshipping Goddesses.  Our fellow tourists carried crystals on sticks, and carried out sage-burning, drum-beating and yoga headstands.  I was content to rest in the shade and admire the views.  A film crew was there also, filming a documentary for the Discovery Channel.

Glastonbury Tor @porcelinasworld

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Holiday Wardrobe May 2018

I can't believe it's now almost a month since I was in Spain!  This might be a little late but this annual post is mainly for me, as a record to refer back to when my next holiday rolls around, so I'm posting anyway.

In early May, Nerja was much cooler than in September, when we've previously visited. This meant I had a bit more flexibility in day wear, and was able to wear things like sundresses without fear of incineration.  I still slapped on the factor 30, kept to the shade and wore a hat, but I didn't need to keep quite as covered up.  So, a few more dresses for day this year along with a handful of separates.  In terms of shoes for day, I had a pair of yellow flat loafers, a pair of striped beach shoes, and two pairs of Clarks sandals.  A big vintage raffia bag was perfect for carting about sunscreen, a bottle of water, maps, snacks and my camera.

holiday wardrobe @porcelinasworld
Laura Ashley Archive collection dress, vintage Coro necklace

Thursday, 24 May 2018

April Purchases

I'm late with this shopping update, but I have some buys that are too good not to share!  The first April purchase was these Laura Ashley trousers, just £1.  I found them in a heap of clothes on a tarpaulin full of puddles at the car boot sale.  They're a bit loud, in a '60s kind of way.  I think that's why I like them.  I haven't worn them yet, because I don't have anything quite like them already and am wondering how to pull together an outfit around them.  I'm sure inspiration will strike one day.

march purchases @porcelinasworld

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