Monday, 14 May 2018

Spanish Fiestas

On my latest holiday to Spain, the timing was perfect to experience some traditional Spanish fiestas!
There were two fiestas while we were there, both full of music, dancing, food and fabulous costumes.  Scroll through to see lots of photos, including a few snaps of what I wore (which paled in comparison to the amazing finery that the local ladies were decked out in!).

The 3rd of May is the Day of the Crosses (Dia de la Cruz), celebrated across many towns in Spain.  Various localities within each town compete with an artistic cross display, and of course each is accompanied by a street party.  The main town display in Nerja was in the square outside El Salvador church, right outside our apartment.  From early in the morning I watched as the cross was erected and mounds of fresh rosemary and thyme strewn around it.  The scent was wonderful.

Armed with a map from the tourist office detailing the location of the other crosses in the town, we wandered the streets, coming across some rather lively street parties!  Later in the day, the main square was packed with dancers all waiting for their turn to perform.

Dia de la Cruz Nerja 2018 @porcelinasworld

Sunday, 29 April 2018

A decade of birthday style

My birthday is approaching within the next ten days.  There's usually a joint celebration of sorts with my husband, as our birthdays are just 6 days apart.  This year, we're jetting off for a sunny (hopefully!) week in Spain!  I am SO READY for a holiday, after a relentless few months of work, PhD, work... you get the idea.  I started to get those annoying twitchy nerves in my eyes last week, which confirmed the level of stress I've been under.  Thank goodness I had the foresight to book a holiday.

This year I turn 39, so I'm looking back with fondness at my 30s through my birthday outfits, as that's an occasion that there's always a photo of somewhere.  This post is like a time machine.  You can watch me grow younger as you scroll through.  Each year erases another wrinkle, as if by magic...  Conversely, the photo quality deteriorates rapidly.

2017, age 38 - a blissfully sunny birthday in the bluebells in a Lindybop frock.
bluebell wood @porcelinasworld

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Branching Out

It felt like summer on the day these photos were taken last Saturday.   The usual misty morning steadily gave way to glorious sunshine. Across the nation, people organised impromptu barbecues and made the potentially rash decision to head out without a jacket on.

My husband fancied a trip to the seaside, so we hopped in the car and headed to Porthcawl, a Welsh seaside town that is a mere twenty something miles from us.  It was lovely and warm, and we enjoyed the first ice-cream of the year as we strolled along the promenade.  Blissful!  We then called into a nature reserve on the way home that we'd never been to before.  There is a large pond with groves of these twisty trees at the water's edge.  It would be a great location for a 'tree nymph' photoshoot, with something suitably ethereal.  Instead, I was dressed more appropriately for climbing trees in this casual look.

Branching Out @porcelinasworld

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