Monday, 8 October 2018

Antiquing at the botanic gardens

It might be a sign of age, but this year I have fully embraced the antiques fair.  We're quite fortunate to have lots within easy driving distance, but they do vary in the amount, type and quality of items for sale.  I think the term 'antiques' is used loosely at times!  Some fairs have been a wash-out, others have scorched us, and all of them have left us with aching limbs from multiple laps around the site.  On the whole there are some good bargains to be had.  Some have outpriced us, but there's always inspiration to be taken for free.

When we heard that an antiques fair was coming to the National Botanic Garden of Wales, we thought we'd make a day trip of it.  I was last at the gardens back in 2015, and was keen to see them again.  The day started very wet as we headed West, and I feared that sellers might be put off by the poor weather.  We needn't have worried, because by the time we arrived at the gardens, the sun had come out.  Admission was £5, to include the gardens, which was excellent value as it's usually a tenner for the gardens alone.  I was relieved to get out of the bitingly cold wind and into the main giant glasshouse, where sellers were set up around the perimeter.  The stalls then continued in another building, and in a large marquee.  Some brave souls had smaller, market-style pitches outside.  I hope they had their thermals on!

I was very glad of my new-to-me 1960s wool jacket.  It's a glorious green colour, and is by 'Dereta'.  It was a present from my husband, who seems to find an endless supply of vintage jackets for me.  He took great delight in telling me that he'd heard on TV that emerald green was the colour of the season.  (I'll have to make the most of being briefly on-trend, because next summer's fashion forecast by Vogue is that beige will be the in-thing.  To misquote a supermodel, I'd rather go naked than wear beige.)  I was wearing a 1980s peplum blouse underneath, my Bernie Dexter jeans, and some lace-up flats, which to be honest wasn't nearly warm enough an outfit for such a chilly day.  I always try and last as far into October as I can without reaching for boots, knitwear, tights etc., because I know that I won't get out of them again until about May.  Last year I made it until the very end of the month, I was still wearing a skirt and bare legs on our trip to Petworth.

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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Sea Prairie

Summer is over, isn't it?  The light has changed, there's a tell-tale nip in the air in the mornings, and our apple tree is heavy with its crop.  I don't feel like wearing tropical prints and drinking rum cocktails anymore.  It's with reluctance that I'm leaving summer behind this year though.  Autumn's approach signals that my PhD deadline is edging ever closer.  But let's not talk about that, and instead give my brain a rest by talking about clothes for a minute instead.

If you follow current fashion trends, you'll have seen that the 'Western' look is back in full force for this coming Autumn/Winter season.  This is one trend that I think is 'classic'.  I resurrect it again and again whether or not Vogue says it's in.  The only issue then is that I find it very easy to justify buying new items!  Determined to steer clear from the shops, I looked to my existing wardrobe for inspiration.  It seems I have quite the collection.  I leaned a little towards the 'prairie' side of Western here, with a ruffled white dress and some sturdy boots.  And yes, that's a nightie...  It seems I have embraced nightwear for daytime this year (I went out in my pyjamas back in July).

That nightie was part of the biggest 'vintage haul' I've ever had from the charity shops!  I bought it in an unassuming little Welsh town.  I didn't expect to find any decent vintage, especially not this lovely deadstock number, still with its tags on.  I casually asked at the till if any other items came in with it.  Half an hour later and I had been in and out of the shop about three times, as I kept finding other amazing items, including three early 1940s suits, and a double-elevens 'dinner-plate' mark dress.  This nightie was the only item that fit me, I bought the rest just to study them and hoard them (!).  I sold them on eventually.  Excitingly, one suit sold to a British costume designer who was working on a film that is out later this year.  I can't wait until it's released so that I can see if the suit's made the final cut.  I'll let you know if it does!

You might think that I am being a bit arty by showing you photos mainly in black and white.  The truth is that I was nursing an incredibly painful insect bite on one cheek.  My face was red and swollen.  The observant among you will also note that this location is exactly the same as my last outfit post - there has been no time for outfit shoots since this holiday back in July.

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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Weigh anchor

weigh (or raise) anchor 
phrase of anchor
1. (of a ship) take up the anchor when ready to start sailing.

Weigh anchor @porcelinasworld

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