Sunday, 13 August 2017

Levi's Shirt and Denim Skirt

Good morning everyone!  Today's photos are hot off the press - that is, they were taken half an hour ago.  I hadn't prepared a post in advance because it was a particularly manic week.  This is a very 'real' outfit that wasn't planned.  The clothes were actually picked up off the bedroom floor, from where I threw them last night.  My justification is that I'm not going anywhere today except the supermarket, and I'm probably going to have to get changed into my DIY clothes soon anyway - after brunch I'll be pottering around house and garden, ticking off a myriad of little jobs.  Paint the shed.  Re-pot some plants.  Put some things up the attic.  Not exciting, but I'm happy with that!

Levi's Shirt & Denim Skirt @porcelinasworld

Sunday, 6 August 2017

A 1970s' Leather Jacket at the Agatha Christie Exhibition

The National Museum of Wales in Cardiff is currently running a small exhibition, Agatha Christie: A life in photographs, until the 3rd of September.  I work very nearby to the museum so it took all of my willpower to not pop and see the exhibition in a lunch hour, and save it for a weekend so that my husband could come too.

A 1970s' leather jacket might not seem an obvious choice for something Agatha Christie related (on our trip to Greenway, my husband and I tried to dress in keeping with the surroundings), but on the morning of our visit, it was pouring with rain, and was decidedly chilly.  Time was short, so I reached for boots and a leather jacket and threw on a blouse without really thinking about it.

Halfway through the day, it decided it was Summer again.  Temperatures were up around 21 degrees celsius and the sun was fairly strong.  I was sweltering in my leather boots and jacket!  Fortunately I always keep a pair of 'driving shoes' in the car, so I changed into those as soon as we returned to the car, and ditched the leather jacket.  Very funny, Mother Nature.  So, this outfit was neither comfortable, nor one I feel 'worked' particularly.  That blouse looks better tucked into things.  Next time, I think I'd wear a shirt and neckscarf that would steer the look more towards aviatrix than '70s boho.

The exhibition itself was a camera-free zone I'm afraid, so you'll just have to take my word for it that it's worth seeing if you're remotely interested in Christie.  There were many, many photographs that I've never seen before - and I've read the autobiography and been to her home Greenway and various other exhibitions over the years. The most surprising snippet of information that I learned was that Christie had a Welsh connection, with her daughter marrying a Welshman.

70s leather jacket

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

June purchases

I know we're actually in August now so this is well overdue, but where does time go?

Well, with me I'll be honest that time mainly goes shopping.  Shopping for food, online shopping, thrift shopping, window shopping, car-boot sale shopping, summer sale shopping, garden shopping, DIY shopping, travel shopping, present shopping.  You get the picture.

June wasn't too bad, I think I made some wise purchases, and threw in a few wild-cards to keep it interesting.  In Norfolk I bought a cotton 80s shirt dress (£4.99), a '50s veiled cocktail hat (£4), and a German traditional costume bodice (£6.99).  Yes, you read that correctly.  I knew what it was the moment I saw it in the shop, and had to try it on.  It's my size, though I'll need a padded bra to do it justice.  The shop assistant was very amused that I was buying it; apparently he had a bet on with the rest of the staff as to whether they'd ever sell it.  My husband said they hadn't factored me in.

thrifty bargains @porcelinasworld
Above: vintage '80s shirt dress, traditional German bodice, and a '50s cocktail hat

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