Thursday, 21 September 2017

August Purchases

So what did I buy last month?  As usual, it was a fairly eclectic mix.  First up are a couple of very practical purchases.  A sparkly zip-up top from the pound rail, brand new with tags - it will do as a cover-up after an exercise class. I've increased my classes and now do kettlebells, spinning and yoga each week.  I might as well get my money's worth out of my leisure card.

The blue lace-up shoes are Somerset by Alice Temperley at John Lewis.  An Ebay bargain.  I wear lots of different styles of flat lace-up shoe, they are my 'everyday' shoe for when I have a fairly active day.  On weekdays, I wear lace-ups for the journey to work (which invariably might involve running for a train...) and then change into other shoes in the office.  I know, very '80s, but at least they're not white trainers with socks (like in 'Working Girl', I love those scenes of the NY rush hour).

August purchases

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Two Vintage Dresses I Wore on Holiday

It's become a tradition each year to have a late summer holiday in Spain for my husband and I, and this year was no exception.  A whole week of sunshine, tapas and rather good wine in the lovely town of Nerja.  This isn't my usual 'what I wore on holiday' post.  Full-on relaxation mode was much needed this year (PhD writeup is hard!), and this meant that I didn't do a single outfit 'shoot'.  I was having too much of a good time, sorry!  Instead I'm sharing a few sparse images of two special vintage dresses that I wore for the first time whilst away.

Vintage dress #1 -  a Marion Donaldson floral cotton maxi dress, from the late '80s/early '90s.  
I wore this dress for an evening of bar-hopping, tapas and wine.  Our favourite place to drink wine and eat tapas is the amazing Pata Negra 57 restaurant.  Marion Donaldson was a Scottish designer, credited with bringing London's swinging style to Glasgow in the 1960s.  The brand helpfully changed the colour of the name label each decade: purple in the '60s, brown in the '70s, then gold on purple (late '70s?), and finally silver on black in the '80s until it ceased trading in 1999.  It was a £9.99 bargain from a charity shop in Andover.

This dress was pretty tight around the top of the ribcage for me, so I had to do some unpicking and restitching to get a bit more room in there.  Someone had also turned the hem up so I let it down again.  It took ages, but I'm so glad that I did it and the dress now fits so I can wear it with reasonable comfort.  I wore it with some brown wedges from M&S, a red headscarf, red lips and a charity-shopped bag.

Marion Donaldson @porcelinasworld

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Astronomical Autumn

I intend to have an astronomical autumn this year.

The shops are full of autumn clothing, and my Instagram feed is gradually showing a changing colour palette.  We've come back from a week in Spain to find it much cooler, and for nearly all of the leaves to have fallen from one of our cherry trees.

But, there are still signs of summer around!  Certain scents and flowers linger on, and we've had some lovely warm sunny spells (in between the downpours, admittedly).  You see, while most of us think that 1st September is the 'official' start of autumn, that's not quite true.

Meteorological Autumn follows the calendar, and runs from 1st September to 30th November every year.  Astronomical Autumn falls on different dates each year.  In 2017, it will be from 22nd September until 21st December.  This is when the Northern hemisphere starts to tilt away from the sun, bringing cooler temperatures.

I don't blame the shops for using meteorological autumn, but I'm going to try and hold on to summer a little longer if I can - we've got just under two weeks of summer left!  I've been roaming the hillsides quite a bit since returning from holiday, enjoying what nature has to offer at this time of year.  So, please enjoy some photos and bear with me as I catch up on my social media and blog.  I'm back to work tomorrow after a whopping two and a half weeks off, so it will be a busy week.

astronomical autumn @porcelinasworld

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