Tuesday, 7 July 2015

How To Care For Vintage Leather: Chambers Leather Products Review

Do you ever find beautiful vintage leather goods in the charity shops yet leave them there because you think the leather has deteriorated to the point of no return?  Whether it's handbags, shoes, jackets or a piece of vintage furniture, leather can crack and dry as it ages and gain a layer of unsightly dust and dirt.  Leather needs special products to both clean and put moisture back in - don't be tempted to use home remedies such as olive oil, as this can seep back out in patches, ruining your items for good!

The good people at Chambers are specialists in leather care, and were kind enough to send me a selection box of their products to test out.  Included in the kit was a leather cleaner, two types of nourishing balsam, and a leather waterproofer.  Here's how we got on.

Leather care

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Nineties and Noughties

Some of my wardrobe is from that fashion wasteland that is neither modern nor vintage.  I'm talking about the limbo of nineties and noughties fashion. 

The keenly observant among you will notice that I'm wearing a hair scrunchie in these photos.  Lots of people see a scrunchie as just an '80s trend, but they were still around in the '90s.  I definitely wore them back then and remember school friends wearing them also.  That episode of Sex and the City where Carrie berates her boyfriend's scrunchie-wearing book character was probably the final death knell to the scrunchie.  I'm not ready to embrace all scrunchies again, but felt that the bow on this one might help me get away with it.

Nineties and Noughties

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Coffee Review: Pact Coffee

It's funny how tea is seen as 'vintage' and coffee isn't in modern British culture.  Both coffee and tea arrived on British shores in the 17th century, and coffee houses slightly preceded tea houses.  In fact, it was coffee houses that first introduced tea to their patrons.


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