Sunday, 19 April 2015

Gingham Dress With Coral & Mint

Apparently gingham is really on trend for Spring and Summer this year. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it always on trend? All of the gingham in my wardrobe is 'past season', from years and years ago if I'm honest. Some years they call gingham 'picnic check', or bring out different colours, in an attempt to get you to buy this year's offerings. But you can wear whatever old gingham you've got in your wardrobe and I bet unless you work at Vogue (in which case you aren't reading this anyway) that nobody will know it's old. That's part of the beauty of being a fan of vintage styles. They never go out of fashion if they're classics. And you don't have to frantically 'update' your wardrobe every season. That must be exhausting. So, this is an old dress that I've shown previously on the blog.

Gingham Dress With Coral And Mint

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Gin Review: Opihr

In a sea of green and blue gin bottles on the supermarket shelf, the be-tasseled red and gold bottle of Opihr called to me.  Promising botanicals from the ancient spice route, "the name itself hints at an exotic world lost in time, a place of treasure and wonder.  To venture across this landscape is as much a step into the unknown as any road trip or lost weekend."  Gosh, that's a lot to fit in to a bottle.  As a lady who has indeed lost a weekend or two to gin in the past, I felt it my duty to purchase a bottle and give it a most thorough review.

Opihr gin review

The most recent gins harping on about their botanicals have been using fairly British botanicals - the herby, wet English garden type that remind me of rainy afternoons where we're huddled in the cricket pavilion, waiting for the skies to clear so that the match can start up again.  Opihr's botanicals are entirely Eastern, all hot and dusty, with a sizeable hit of cardamon along with the black pepper and coriander.  There's something crisp about it too, despite all that warmth.  I found it particularly smooth when chilled to ice-cold, and although it's unusual flavours can cause momentary confusion, it's still umistakeably gin.  The juniper is quite discernible, but at perhaps much more a subtle level than in other gins where it confronts you head on.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Ditsy Print Mini Dress & Western Boots

Photographers always say to take your photos either at sunrise or sunset.  I don't know any bloggers, apart from some of the 'career' bloggers, that get up early enough to take outfit photos at sunrise.  It's probably never going to happen for me, as although I am quite the early bird, my photographer is a night owl.  I'm not complaining.  The direction of where the sun sets in our valley means that if it's clear, there's some lovely light and shadows.

Mini Dress & Tan Western Boots

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