Thursday, 26 November 2015

My Bespoke Tom Davies Glasses

My contact lenses are a pretty important part of my life.  I am extremely short-sighted and if I don't have my vision corrected, I can't cross a road or see a computer screen, let alone drive a car, work, or do anything safely aside from just sit still and wait for help.  I was reminded of this fact some years ago when an eye infection meant I couldn't put my contact lenses in, and I couldn't find my glasses.  One of my friends literally had to walk me down the road to the optician, holding on to me to guide me.  It was terrifying.

I've worn glasses since I was 8 years old, and back then, let me tell you there was no 'geek chick'.  Glasses were not at all trendy, and the lack of technology meant that if you had weak eyesight, your lenses would be very thick, adding to the overall undesirable look.  Bonus points for having some part of the frame held together with a plaster or sellotape.  I haven't worn my old glasses, apart from around the house, for years as I don't feel they really suit me.  The prescription was a bit out-dated also, so I recently took the plunge and ordered some bespoke glasses from Tom Davies.  What do you think?

Tom Davies Bespoke

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Downton Abbey Costume Exhibition & Afternoon Tea at Llanelly House

After our wonderful trip to Highclere Castle in the summer, where Downton Abbey was filmed, I was keen for another Downton Abbey related adventure.  As luck would have it, historic Llanelly House here in Wales held a costume display from the first two series.  The timing was perfect for one of my sisters' birthdays, and my mum and husband's mum came along too for a proper family outing!

Llanelly House
Costumes from the garden party scene - Edith's, Mary's and Sybil's.  Two are original vintage Edwardian dresses, can you tell which ones?

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Miss Fisher's Pyjama Party

I am a huge fan of the Australian series 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries', set in 1920s Melbourne.  Played by Essie Davies, the fabulous Phryne Fisher investigates all kinds of murders, whilst being magnificently dressed and badly behaved.  She can fly a plane, speak a few languages, scale a building, shoot straight and drink you under the table, but I'm most envious of her rather glamorous nightwear.  As I've already confessed to my secret obsession with vintage nightwear, I thought I would do a shoot inspired by the marvellous Miss Fisher.  Oriental inspired pyjamas and a martini to accessorize seemed about right.  At the end of the party, the martinis have been drunk, but is Miss Fisher alone?

Miss Fisher

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