Sunday, 4 August 2019

Old, With Tags

My obsession with vintage workwear continues.  You might remember the fabulous his-and-hers chore jackets that Chris and I bought from a car boot sale.  I'm not seeking this kind of thing out, it just seems to find me!  A recent chance conversation with some regular sellers at our local car boot sale led to being able to visit their Aladdin's cave (warehouse), and I came away with some gems.  The latest additions to my collection are a pair of "deadstock" (still with tags on) housecoats or aprons.  Firstly is this fabulous 1960s mini length little housecoat, in eye-popping colours and a sweet daisy print, with ric-rac on the pockets.  This one had no brand label, the tag was a plain paper one with 'Wx' (W for women?  And x for large or freesize?) printed on it.  Price £1.47 and 1/2p.  That's equivalent to £28.23 of purchasing power today.  I read in the Mary Quant exhibition that a Bazaar shop assistant earned under £7 a week.  I wore this jazzy number for a day of chores around the house, including scraping wallpaper, sewing, cleaning, and picking some tiny but tasty plums from the trees in our front garden.  I especially like the exaggerated sleeves, they stick out to give an American football player silhouette.

Monday, 29 July 2019

Forest Escape

A day after my graduation, Chris and I packed up his car (I am still car-less) and we drove west into the Brechfa forest area of West Wales.  I had booked a stay in a cottage on a textile farm, with no Wi-Fi, and only accessible by a very long and very bumpy farm track.  Something different!


Sunday, 21 July 2019

The Fervors of July

This year is really hurtling along for me.  In the past three weeks I've been to Devon on a hen weekend, to London on a work trip - oh, and I graduated from my PhD!

The trip to Devon was fun.  I'd never been on a full 'hen weekend' before and was slightly nervous about whether I would survive the pace of activity and also survive being with nine other people for an entire weekend.  We stayed at Berridon Farm, in two of their cabins.  It is in a beautiful countryside spot, with five cabins in total spaced out in a large field.  The first evening we made use of the farm's outside pizza oven, which was fun.  We were lucky to have dry and warm weather, though in the evenings the temperature plummeted pretty quickly so my vintage dresses were swapped for thermals, jumpers and as many blankets as I could find.  As it's a working farm, the field has pens of animals at the far side.  We had fresh eggs for our breakfast the next morning, a real treat. 

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