Sunday, 17 December 2017

Waiting at the Estuary

Wales has a long history of woollen mills, where the traditional Welsh tapestry is woven.  These tapestries are distinctive in their geometric patterns and colour combinations, and there are patterns dating to the 1700s.  These designs are thought to have been a major influence in early North American communities around the Pennsylvania area, where intrepid Welsh settled in what then was called 'New Wales'.  I attended a quilting workshop at the start of the year, and the textile expert on the day noted the similarity between Welsh textiles and some Amish textiles.

These days only 8 woollen mills remain in Wales, and their future is under threat due to an ageing workforce.  However, Welsh tapestry has been trendy for a few years now, and the prices have gone up considerably (I still haven't found a decent Welsh tapestry blanket within my budget!).  I do hope though that the tapestries continue to be en vogue so that the mills can continue.

The cape I'm wearing here was a birthday present from my husband back in May, and I have been waiting patiently for the right occasion to wear it.  I wanted to wear it in a particularly Welsh setting, and it seemed fitting to wear it on a recent trip to Laugharne.  I imagined myself to be waiting at the estuary for a loved one to return from sea.

Welsh tapestry cape @porcelinasworld

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Lidl's Irish Cream v.s. Baileys' Review

I never drink Baileys' at any time of year other than Christmas.  But as soon as things start to get festive, I always buy a bottle, and sip it when wrapping presents, watching Christmas films or getting the decorations up.  Most of the supermarkets do their own version of Baileys', and Lidl is no exception.  But is it any good?

Lidl Baileys @porcelinasworld

Lidl's Irish cream on the left, and Baileys' on the right.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Elf's Day Off from the Workshop

Father Christmas was very kind to give this little elf a day off from the workshop.  I used my down time to take a trip to Cardiff indoor flea market, that was filled with antiques, vintage, shabby chic, junk - and Christmas displays.  I took advantage of the backdrop to make the most of my elf-like attire.  I'm probably a little too tall to be an elf, but I like being helpful, cheerful and wrapping presents, so I fit the job description.

Elf's Day Off from the Workshop @porcelinasworld

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