Monday, 17 June 2019

Working Tourist

The last month has been very busy work-wise, which is why I was so behind in posting about my Devon adventures.  I've traveled a little bit for work, and the bonus has been squeezing in a bit of tourism!  First up, there was a National Trust double whammy.  I was speaking at a conference in Brighton, and staying with one of my sisters.  It made sense for me to drive (she's out in the Sussex countryside) so I thought that I'd make use of the National Trust membership to have some interesting stop-offs both there and on the way back.

On the way down, it was a decently warm and sunny day, so I stopped to see the gardens at Hinton Ampner.  Even though it was a Thursday, it was rather busy.  Lots of older couples, and families with young babies.  The gardens are big enough that you can find a quiet spot away from the masses, and I'd brought a picnic lunch to enjoy.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Overbeck's Gardens

I promise this is the last installment of the Devon trip!  We didn't end up leaving Burgh Island until a little later than anticipated, due to the tides.  Once we were back on the mainland, I'd set my heart on a visit further down the coast to Overbeck's sub-tropical gardens.  Salcombe is a lovely area of Devon.  It's alongside the Kingsbridge Estuary, that's dotted with little sandy bays.  We were lucky to have a sunny (but not that warm) day to explore the gardens and the surrounding area.  The view that you're greeted with as you step down onto the terrace of Overbeck's takes your breath away.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

The Last Day of Glorious 39

More time travel again today, as I try and catch up with writing about adventures that occurred a whole month ago!  The day before my 40th birthday, and our arrival on Burgh Island, we had travelled down to Devon to break up the journey.  After our stop at the Killerton Estate, we headed to our accommodation for the night, Beyond Escapes.  I quite often pick up cheap deals on luxury self-catering because people tend to want to stay for at least a long weekend.  When there's the odd night going spare, I swoop in and get a greatly reduced deal.

It was very modern (not my usual thing), but it was exceptionally spacious (two bedrooms, three bathrooms!), well equipped, and on a quiet site in the pretty countryside from which you could just about glimpse the sea.  The rain moved in that evening, so we stayed in and stayed cosy.  The bath had coloured lights around the bottom, which was quite fun, and Chris cooked a lovely birthday-eve dinner for me.

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