Wednesday, 17 January 2018

December purchases

In early December I decided that I didn't have enough party shoes and that nothing says party like pom poms.  I ordered some handmade fluffy red pom pom shoe clips from a UK seller on Ebay.  I'm really pleased with them!  You can see a picture of them in my Festive Recap post, I wore them on Christmas day.  Though as with all shoe-clips, I find I would ideally want slightly bigger clips, as sometimes the pom poms fly off with vigorous dancing.  I can live with that though, and even thought about stitching them on if needs-be.  They've totally transformed a pair of boring beige shoes that I bought (see this post) because 'they'll go with everything' then found they were so boring that I never wore them.

Next up was a mini charity shop splurge.  I found a lovely blue velvet scarf (£1.50), a red pashmina brand new in packet (not great quality, but it's a lovely bright red so fills a gap and it was only £1).  Also two hats, a 'scooter' style hat (not sure how else to describe it) by Radley, £2, and a blue 1970s' fedora type hat, also £2.

thrift haul @porcelinasworld

Sunday, 14 January 2018

In the Deerpark

At this time of year when the days are still short, it's wise to take advantage of any sunny spells to top up the vitamin D levels.  These photos are from just before Christmas.  On the way back from a short visit westwards we stopped in lovely Llandeilo and headed up to the deerpark at Dinefwr for a stroll.  With a light sprinkling of snow on the ground, it was quite the contrast from our last visit back in May, on one of the warmest days of the year when the woods were full of bluebells.

On this visit we were lucky to see the herd of fallow deer, who were grazing close to the back of the house.  They moved away as soon as they caught wind of us, and the clatter of antlers echoed across the park as a few of them had a scuffle.  Later in the year you might be lucky and find some shed antlers on your walk around the grounds.  On this occasion we didn't have much time, so we contented ourselves with a brief stroll around the house and some deep breaths of the clean, cold, country air.

Dinefwr @porcelinasworld

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

I Shiver

Something a bit different today, as my husband has released a fabulous new, filmed on-location music video!  Despite being just 4 minutes in length, it's like a mini-film.  It even has stunning aerial photography.  You would be forgiven for thinking that this video was shot somewhere in America rather than the unlikely Rhondda of South Wales.  Over the Christmas holidays we had quite a few heavy snowfalls and it transformed the landscape into the perfect setting for a Welsh Western.  (That's not so strange - back in the '70s, they filmed some of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid up the road).
I'd be incredibly grateful if you could give it a watch.  Independent artists have a tough time getting heard against the noise of mainstream labels.

You can watch the video below embedded in this post, or click here to go to the video on Youtube.

I'm such a proud wife right now, though I stayed cosy on the sofa during the making of this video and left the gallivanting around the mountains at night in the snow to the professionals!
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