Sunday, 23 August 2015

Hen Havoc at The Retro Festival

I was a bit greedy and had two hen weekends, one with friends, and one with family.  For the latter, my Mother, sisters, nieces and I all met up near Newbury for a weekend of family fun.  On the Saturday we'd all booked tickets for the Retro Festival, and boy was it the scorcher of the year so far!  Some of us were a bit delicate, having slightly overdone the prosecco the night before (ahem!) but we soldiered on.

Hen Havoc

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Rainbow Dress

Nothing beats the ease of throwing on a dress in summer.  No top and bottom to co-ordinate, no tights to find, and underwear is optional.  It's two-second dressing, so that you have more time to get outside and feel the sun on your skin (with SPF30 if you're fair-skinned like me!).  One of my favourite summer dresses is this beautifully bright '80s dress that I found in a charity shop in Keynsham.  It languished for a year or two in the wardrobe as I tried to work out how to style it and what occasion to wear it for.  Then I realised it just needed to be thrown on.  It quickly became one of my 'holiday' dresses that I only wear for that one week's holiday in the Med I take each year.  What a waste to only wear some dresses once a year.  Time to change that - I am already planning how to wear this dress for Autumn, perhaps with tan boots and a cropped cardigan.

Rainbow Dress

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Gingham Shirt & Cowboy Bag

This gingham shirt is one I wear so often that I consider it to be part of the 'not special enough to blog about' section of my wardrobe, but in such a beautiful spot it would have been a shame not to take some photos, so it's unintentionally ended up featuring here today.  About an hour after these photos were taken, a mini heatwave struck, lasting the rest of the afternoon.  Suddenly jeans were far too hot, and as I had to clean the house ready for some dinner guests, I was forced to vacuum wearing a bikini.  This kind of thing happens so rarely in the UK, it felt a bit comical.

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