Saturday, 27 February 2010

This Weekend in Wales: Burlesque and Vintage Events

There are quite a few events happening this weekend to cheer us up here in Wales after our defeat at the hands of the French last night in the Rugby! Today I popped into Buffalo Bar to the Vintage Pretty fair, a new monthly event where a select handful of stallholders offer an assortment of hand-made gifts. On offer were crocheted brooches, pin-up hair flowers, some cute bags (one with a teapot and cup design that nearly tempted me for £10) the odd bric-a-brac item and a fair selection of jewellery, but not much in the way of vintage items. I'll save myself until tomorrow for that fix as I'll be heading to the Vintage Fashion Fair being held in Cardiff City Hall. The last one through Blind Lemon Events I attended was very good, concentrating on items from the 1950s and earlier, so I'm hoping tomorrow's won't have too much of the later stuff. I'm really after a 1940s or 1950s day dress as most of my vintage and vintage-inspired wardrobe is a little dressy for the daytime.

As far as burlesque entertainment goes, tonight is The Mad Hatters Burlesque Tea Party in Carmarthen, and tomorrow evening here in Cardiff the troupe from Burlesque Cardiff will be presenting Cymru Am Byth (Wales Forever). I'm not able to attend either of these events so will just have to settle for staying in and watching a bit of Dita on DVD to make up for it!

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