Sunday, 21 February 2010

Vintage Inspired Purchases

Being a tall, modern woman with fairly large feet I can never find vintage shoes to fit, but there are some pretty fantastic reproductions and vintage-inspired shoes available on the high street, so I don't feel I'm missing out too much. At the moment I'm hankering after a couple of pairs of shoes in Hobbs: a pair of sandals that make me think of the 40s with their luscious apple-green colour, and some black crossover evening shoes that remind me of a pair Lauren Bacall wears in a photo I've seen. I've resisted so far, but they're both on sale so I'm massively tempted.

What I have bought in the last couple of weeks:
- 20's style grey wool cloche hat from Accessorize (£7.60!)
- a red Edwardian style parasol/umbrella from TK Maxx (£7.99)
- a pair of brogue type shoes, also from TK Maxx (£23)

I'm selling off lots of old clothes and accessories on ebay presently, so if I turn a profit perhaps I'll visit Hobbs online!

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