Thursday, 8 April 2010

Pick Me! Able Grable Competition

I've absolutely fallen in love with the dress in the 'Name a dress competition' on the Able Grable website. I've done an entry and am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that Miss Amanda Lee may pick mine as the winner!

At the moment, any purchase from Able Grable is far beyond my means (only just finished paying off a horrific credit card debt from buying far too many burlesque-related items in a Confessions-Of-A-Shopaholic type spree spanning several years...), so a £50 voucher would be marvellous! And I've already decided I would spend it towards the actual dress being named, as it's absolutely fabulous, and lovely to see an oriental-style dress that doesn't have narrow hips (because I certainly don't!).

So, that's the dress I'm dreaming of this week as I try not to think about where the rockabilly dress is that I ordered from Australia the other week. I hope it turns up soon!

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