Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Where have all the seamstresses gone?

The long anticipated 50's style dress I ordered from Australia arrived last week, only for me to find that it was quite a bad fit!

With my birthday only a few weeks away (the event I was intending on wearing it to) coupled with no hope of airmail services in the ash-cloud, I decided I didn't have time to exchange it so I've been on a mission around Cardiff the past few days to find a seamstress. I was really quite sad to find that the two I knew of had both closed down!

I really thought that there had been a resurgence in the make-do-and-mend mentality but obviously I was wrong! I even attended a sewing class myself last year but realised I lacked the expertise with a sewing machine to make it worth my while. Growing up, I never learnt on an electric one - my mother still uses her Grandmother's antique Singer machine, the kind you have to turn the handle with!

It seams (couldn't resist..!) that sewing is alive and well in Paris though judging from this article a friend sent me the other day, let's hope that the trend makes its way over to Wales!

Eventually I did find a seamstress, and although a little pricey they specialise in alterations to wedding gowns and suchlike so I'm confident they'll get it right. I just have to wait patiently now! Will upload a pic when I pick it up!

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