Thursday, 13 May 2010

1938 - Norman Hartnell Fashion Video Clip

Norman Hartnell (1901-1979) is a British designer that I ought to know about, being British, but only came across recently. I'm very impressed to discover that in 1935 he designed for the Royal Family, creating the wedding dress for Lady Alice Montague Dougal Scott's marriage to the Duke of Gloucester. He even dressed cinema royalty in his career - Marlene Dietrich and Vivienne Leigh among others.

I've found a clip of his 1938 fashion line for you to enjoy, and you can take a look at the website for more details on this prominent designer.

It's lovely to see a colour clip of fashion from the 30s, I've mostly been watching black and white films from this decade that I've been colouring-in mentally!

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