Monday, 17 May 2010

The English Countryside: Part 1

This weekend the sun came out, hurrah! My beloved and I took a trip to Buckinghamshire in the heart of England, staying near Tingewick, a quaint little village filled with cottages and barn conversions. I would have been happy to move in to any one of them! Even the Scout Hall was a cute little chalet-type 1930's build. Here are some photos to feast your eyes on, it's definitely satisfied my need to watch 'Escape to the Country' for a while!

The next day we took a trip to Stowe Gardens, a National Trust property near Buckingham where you can enjoy the 18th Century landscape gardens and gape at the size of the house (which now houses a school for those who can afford the £26,000 a year fees for their children!). The gardens really are lovely and we had fun exploring, though overdid the walking and felt a bit crippled by the end and had to cut out from the guided tour. The day started off quite cold so I'm not wearing anything lovely and vintage in the photos I'm afraid, just warm leggings and flat boots for walking!

I liked the Chinese house, though the artwork was obviously not done by anyone Chinese from the very Caucasian looking figures!

The grounds are filled with towers, obelisks, temples, bridges, pavilions and other structures, all in styles mocking great civilizations (Greek, Roman, Egyptian).

Definitely worth a visit, though best on a warm day with a picnic and a floaty frock so you can feel like you really belong there!

Night Night for now..

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