Sunday, 6 June 2010

1950s Gingham Beach Halter Top - Car Boot Sale Find of the Day!

Yeehah! A genuine 1950's halter top was nestling amongst all the tat in yesterday's car boot sale! It was being sold by its original owner, a very stylish older lady sporting lipstick red sunglasses and a chic hairdo. When I asked to take a closer look at the red and white gingham I could see peeking out from other clothes hanging on the side of her car, she sighed and said, 'ah, my Marilyn Monroe top!' and went on to tell me how she had worn it on the beach in the 50s with white shorts. She was very keen for someone else to enjoy wearing it, but alas it doesn't fit me!

So, if you like the look of it you can place a bid here on ebay, as it's up for grabs! This is a top that needs to be worn by another carefree young lady on a beach somewhere.

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