Friday, 30 July 2010

The Car Boot Sale

For those of you who've never been, here's what one looks like! I'm very lucky to have this excellent Sully car boot sale close by, and it's next to the sea so a beautiful location too.

Most car boot sales generally only run in the summer months, from May to August, and you can find out if you're in the UK where your closest one is by looking at a website such as carbootjunction.

Guidelines for the Car Boot experience:
1) On a sunny day, wear a hat and take some water. You will get absorbed for hours in other people's junk and won't necessarily notice you're dehydrated and sunburned!!
2) HAGGLE! There's usually quite a bit of leeway on the price, and if there's not, the seller won't be offended.
3) You need to get there early for the best stuff, as it will be swooped on pretty quickly. However, remember that at the end of the day sellers don't want to take their stuff home, so you're more likely to get an absolute steal when they're packing up.
4) Take some shopping bags, sellers often run out.
5) Take some change, sellers run out of this too.
6) Look out for the old ladies, they often have the best stuff in terms of vintage jewellery, teacups etc.
7) Don't count on anything electrical actually working when you get it home, regardless of how convincing the seller is!

Recent car boot purchases have included (from top to bottom): silk dress for £1, selection of books 50p-£2 each, dress clip 20p, metal cake stands 50p-£1 each.

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