Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Desert Orchid Corsets - SALE!

I do get a bit excited when I stumble upon corset sales! I haven't worn one for about a year, and because of the hefty price-tags they come with I've been trying not to look at them or encourage myself to buy more in any way.

But these at Desert Orchid Corsets are worth a look because not only is it a company based here in lovely Wales, but they are pretty spectacular and certainly reasonable. I love the one pictured above, so feminine and not at all S&M, which some corsets can be!

Don't ever be fooled by companies offering cheap cheap corsets. They may well have steel boning, but that alone is not enough to pull you in and give you that waspish waist! The effectiveness of a corset in waist-reducing also depends on the shaping and cut of the corset, and the fabric itself. There should be a minimum of 3 layers of fabric (unless it's a "summer weight" corset), and that fabric needs to be of a certain weight. Lightweight fabrics will not pull you in unless there's a sturdier fabric layer underneath to take the strain! This means that genuine high quality corsets are quite heavy - a good couple of kilograms. So if a corset is featherlight, it's probably only for show and not for practical body sculpting.

If it's a quality corset, you can expect between 2 and 4 inches waist reduction, and a lovely smooth shape. An instant posture improver also! I love my hot pink satin underbust corset from Kitty's Corsets, pictured below, with the lovely Violet Noir modelling the black version.

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