Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dita for Cointreau - The Cosmopolitan

My my, Dita's becoming quite the poster girl of late for a number of different beverages! After her residence in the Perrier Mansion it seems that Ms Von Teese is now the feature character in a number of stories on the birth of various cocktails, all including Cointreau liqueur as a vital ingredient.

I think she became the 'face' of Cointreau some years ago, but these seem to be new adverts that have appeared on Youtube. There's a different story for each cocktail, I'm starting you off with a Cosmopolitan, set in 1980s New York. Acapulco in the 40s and Paris in the 20s to come so watch this page!

It may have become a little cliched through over-use in Sex and the City, but a Cosmopolitan remains one of my favourites and I can sink a few with no ill effects.

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