Thursday, 12 August 2010

Film Review: School For Scoundrels

A classic British film from 1959, directed by Robert Hamer.

It stars Ian Carmichael and Terry-Thomas vying for the attentions of Janette Scott. Infuriated by the smooth - yet underhanded - tactics Thomas uses, Carmichael enroles on a college course of 'Lifemanship'. Tutored by Alastair Sim and his staff, Carmichael quickly learns 'how to win without actually cheating' and goes head-to-head with his love rival.

I really did enjoy this film! Thomas is superb as the cad, and how can you fail to love anything with Alastair Sim in it? The focus of the film is on the comedic relationship between the male leads, so there's little female vintage fashion to ogle, but it's great to see the streets of London before traffic really overtook them. Watch out for cameos by Hattie Jacques and John Le Mesurier too!

A Sunday afternoon film, best watched with a big cup of tea.

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