Friday, 20 August 2010

Jacob's Antiques, Cardiff

Some pictures of a local treasure trove - Jacob's Antiques in Cardiff, set over 3 floors with lots of individual stall-holders. Unfortunately their vintage clothing has dwindled massively, I don't know what happened to the main lady that used to be there, but they still have accessories dotted higgledy piggledy all over the shop. Lots of homewares and teacups too, and a small haul of great mens vintage hats on the ground floor level. If you're into militaria and Star Trek you'll come out happy too! The little bag(40s or 50s? I can't decide) in the second picture was darling and just £12, absolute steal, but I wasn't in a purchasing mood. I loved the key in the bottom picture too ( bottom right) - I wonder what it opens?

Well lovelies, I'm off to a festival again this weekend - yes, despite a severe weather warning over Wales, I'm going to be in a field. So no vintage clothing whatsoever, I am going to be layered up in leggings, long socks, jumpers and waterproofs! And my new pink wellington boots. I hope the skies are sunnier where you are!

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  1. Hi,
    I have recently opened a stall @ Jacobs Market and due to the fact that nobody knows where it is I am tying to get a website together in order to publicize its existence. I was wondering if I would be able to use some of your amazing pictures of the building. Sadly I wouldn't be able to offer you any money as I am putting this together for free as the rest of the stall holders seem stuck in the past much like their products but I would fully credit you on the website.
    Many Thanks and look forward to hearing from you
    Blod x


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