Monday, 16 August 2010

Lipstick Advert, 1956

"Dreamy pink can lead to mink..." is an advertising slogan than could never be resurrected for the modern woman, in today's anti-fur environment, but it's interesting to see how sales tactics have changed since this advert was published in "Woman" magazine, 1956.

Today lipstick advertising seems to focus on durability (will stay on all day, is meal-proof, kiss-proof etc.), wearability (feather light, you won't notice you're wearing it) or kissability (i.e. wearing this lipstick will make men want to kiss you). Today's adverts are also a lot sexier, with open-mouth pouting poses - much more of a visual approach thanks to the high colour glossy magazines we now enjoy. The above advert seems quite dull in comparison. It's a shame we can't see from the black and white just how dreamy that pink is!

Pond's is still around, but I think the only product they have continued to make is their cold cream.
Nice to see a snapshot of history anyway - I have lots more adverts that I will gradually scan and upload when I get around to it!

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