Thursday, 26 August 2010

Outfit Post, and Poirot Saves Me From Cold-Induced Boredom!

These last few days I've been revisiting Super Kawaii Mama's post on How to Find Glamour When You're Sick.

I have in my arsenal against the cold: a giant rose-print tea cup and saucer that I've been refilling with lempsip and hot squash, an oil burner scenting the house, brand new cotton pyjamas, a vat of home-made chicken soup, and a selection of scarves to keep my hair out of the soup when eating it. I also have been consuming a little whisky for purely medicinal purposes. Alas I don't have a bed jacket - how I wish I'd kept the 1960's bed jacket my mother lent me when I was about 12. Powder blue and ruffled with pink roses I seem to recall. I must ask her what happened to it!

The other important thing when ill is to keep yourself occupied. I attempted knitting last night and while it did keep my attention off the feeling of being unwell, I failed miserably at creating anything beautiful - what I ended up with was a mishape, of no use whatsoever! I think I need to have another go when my brain is fully working. So today, after yesterday's self-imposed quarantine, I made it out of the house and borrowed some rather exciting entertainment - wait for it - the entire David Suchet Poirot collection on DVD!!! Oh yes, that's my social life sorted for the Autumn.

I'll leave you a picture of dress #3 from my collection, it's not vintage but I think it's very similar in pattern (though maybe not colours?) to a couple of 1940's wrap dresses I've spied. The bag and cardi are both from a car boot sale - the bag is from the 80s I'd guess, it bears the 'St Michael' label inside which was phased out in 2000, so that's my only date-clue. Well even if it is from the 90s (gasp of horror!) I love the puckered fake-ostrich skin look, it's one of my favourite bags!

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