Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Trials and Tribulations with Hot Rollers

It's hard work trying to get Hollywood glamour into your hair. I've tried so many different products, techniques and types of curling equipment and I think it's still a fluke when I get it right on occasion.

This last weekend was a murder mystery dinner party at the Park Plaza Hotel, and I wanted to be glamorous. I used the hot rollers (an old Carmen set from the 60s, donated by my sister!) and rolled the hair when it was slightly damp (sprayed with a heat protection spray), and then used John Frieda shine spray and a good dose of hair spray. After much fussing around with brushing them out (Denman paddle brush) I still had one side of my hair droopier than the other!

It didn't really matter as I had a few Pimms and didn't care anymore. Back to the drawing board, and youtube for hair tutorials...

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