Thursday, 9 September 2010

Autumn Vintage Shopping List

Before I embark on shopping for Autumn and Winter, I have decided it would be prudent and thrifty to take stock of what I already have, so that I don't make rash purchase decisions or double-up on anything. The era I am most interested in building up a collection from is the 1930s-1950s, so I'm just focusing on what fits this criteria from my wardrobe. I tend to like a 1950's style for everyday casual attire, a 40's style for something a little bit smarter, and the 1930s is my inspiration for evening wear. I don't know how I've developed this odd decade by decade leap back as the occasion becomes more formal, but it seems to work for me!

So, here we go, a list of what I already own in 30's, 40's or 50's style, that can be worn in the Autumn and/or Winter:

1 x blue jean cut-off 50's style jeans

2 x full circle Autumn/Winter weight 50's style skirts
1 x 50's style black pencil skirt

1 x 30's style silk blouse
1 x 50's style long-sleeved Western shirt
1 x 50's style short sleeved 'diner' style shirt

1 x red 40's style sweater
Many cardigans. But can you ever have enough?

1 x original 1930's green brocade skirt suit

1 x original 50's black shirtwaister
1 x original 40's black rayon dress
2 x 50's style full circle-skirt polkadot dresses
1 x 40's style plaid short-sleeved dress

3 x wedges (1 pair 40's inspired, other two are more 50's inspired)
1 x black floral suede 40's style heels
1 x green suede peep-toe 40's style heels
1 x black mid-heel t-bars
1 x tan high-heeled brogues
2 x Mary Janes (blue, and oyster)

1 x original 50's silky button-up dressing gown
1 x 50's petticoat
1 x black 6 strap suspender belt
Many, many stockings
Lots of retro-style knickers!
2 x full slips, one black, one white
2 x pairs 50's style pyjamas

1 x cream 50's style jacket, 3/4 sleeves

1 x paste Art-Deco brooch
1 x mother of pearl 50's brooch
1 x white original 50's handbag
1 x original 50's red belt
1 x repro 40's hair snood
Many 40's and 50's style scarves, bandanas etc.
8 x hair flowers

2 x floor length gowns (could pass for 30s/40s with the right accessories!)
1 x original 30's dress (too short to be evening wear on me, but could be a day dress if altered?)
1 x 50's style cocktail dress
1 x 40's style silk evening skirt
1 x 40's style black long-sleeved blouse

The rest of my wardrobe consists of many, many dresses, of many, many different styles. Some are 60's style, some are from the '80s, some are just 'classic' in style, it's a real mix! I also have lots of summer-wear, which doesn't really make sense when you consider just how short the summer in the UK usually is...

So, I think that looking at the gaps in the above inventory, it's apparent I've been shopping irrationally with 'summer', 'underwear', and 'evening-wear' in mind, and haven't made practical purchases to be worn on a day-to-day basis! I'm resolved to change this, and with Fleur's Autumn fashion advice firmly in mind, my fantasy shopping list (or maybe my Christmas list?!) should read as follows:

1 x 40's a-line skirt in navy or black
1 x pair 40's trousers in tweed perhaps
1 x 40's or 50's jacket
1 x pair brogues (flat)
1 x 30's evening capelet
1 x 50's evening bolero
Winter-weight 30's/40's/50's dresses
A selection of 40's/50's blouses and sweaters!

I also vow to learn how to do rolls in my hair, and to never set foot in Primark ever again. I intend to age with glamour, and for each ten-year passport photo to be even more fabulous than the last.

What's on your Autumn vintage wish-list?

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