Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What I Wore on Holiday

I've returned just this afternoon from sunny Gran Canaria, where I spent a wonderful week with my beloved! Being a generous soul, he allowed me to use half of his luggage allowance to transport my summer dresses and shoes. Here's a little visual account of what I wore.

Top to bottom:
1) the holiday wardrobe
2) my travelling outfit - Vilma Banky t-shirt, cropped linen trousers and rockabilly bandana
3) sundress by New Look, bandana made by me, parasol bought in Porto Mogan, Gran Canaria
4) 80's Marks and Spencer sundress, white wedges from Faith
5) retro inspired bikini from BHS, sun hat from charity shop
6) tunic from car boot sale
7) cotton pinafore dress by George, cropped cardi from car boot sale
8) lighthouse print sundress by Joules
9) silk tunic by Jaeger, hair flower by New Look
10) silk dress by Zara, hair flower by Big Girl's Blouse, wedges from Marks and Spencer

As you can see, I didn't go all out on the vintage styling - it was a holiday after all! Besides, it was 34 degrees on our second day there, and not even the most professional make-up will stay put in that kind of heat, so I resigned myself to a good lashing of waterproof mascara and be done with it! Likewise with the hair - when you're in and out of the sea or hotel pool about four times a day, with as many showers, there really isn't much you can do aside from stick in a headscarf, a flower, or braid it.

It also proved very difficuly to stay tan-free - even with several coats of SPF30 each day, staying in the shade, wearing a hat, carrying a parasol and only venturing out to the beach in the early evenings, I still tanned! For this month only, I shall change my name to Bronzelina.

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