Thursday, 7 October 2010

An Autumn Wedding: Hell Bunny Guest Outfit

A quick post to say congratulations again to Jim and Hollie, who are currently honeymooning in Mexico! Their wedding was the other weekend, and they've never looked happier. The radiant Bride wore an off the rack Monsoon dress that she had customised herself by sewing freshwater pearls onto the straps and hem, such a beautiful little detail. The Groom got himself a proper rockabilly haircut for the day and looked very dashing.

I wore my birthday dress, but had a bit of a hair disaster, I'd been rushing and somehow when I took the rollers out I had '70s disco not '50s bombshell, so I just had to brush out what I could and jump in a taxi and forget about it! I think it's because my hair has grown a lot, there isn't as much definition in the layers, so I'll have to keep on practicing. My beloved got me some Nicky Clarke hot bendy rollers from the car boot sale recently, so I want to try those.

Hellbunny dress: gift; Bag: vintage early '60s; Shoes: Linea at House of Fraser; Hair flower: New Look; Cardi: I forget!

wedding guest outfit

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