Monday, 1 November 2010

Outfit Post: Classic '50s Shirtwaister

Dress: vintage shop in Cardiff; Belt: Zara; Wrangler suede boots: car boot sale bargain, £10, and the woman had only worn them once!

Yesterday I wore one of my favourite vintage dresses - a simple, black 1950's shirtwaister. When I tried it on in the shop it was uncomfortably tight, but determined that it should be mine I took it home and did a bit of sewing on it. After removing some darts in the back and a pleat in the skirt, it fits, ta-da! As a person who has been known to staple or sellotape hems in the past rather than attempt to sew them, I'm quite proud of this achievement! I did have the encouragement of my friend's super-cute pistachio coloured mini sewing machine from John Lewis. It was perfectly adequate for stitching the light cotton of the dress, but as it was mini I did get into a bit of trouble with the sheer volume of fabric in the skirt, so it's not ideal for vintage sewing!

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