Thursday, 23 December 2010

Feeling Festive!

More snow, and the sun actually came out too!

This past week has been a whirlwind of festive-themed activities! I've made a full recovery from my weird illness and have thrown myself into Christmas parties, ice-skating, cake-decorating and tree-trimming!

Here's a snap of my party outfit - the candy-stripe dress is early '80s, kindly given to me by a friend. Cardigan from Asda, and Victorian style boots by Jones the Bootmaker.

My beloved and I had a trip to Bath too, incredibly snowy and romantic! The boots from Jones the Bootmaker got an outing again. Red wool coat by Principles, angora hat from H&M.

I got a Christmas present to myself in the post too - a Vollers corset from Ebay. Unfortunately it's too big! I was always told that a corset should never be fully laced, i.e. you should have a gap or 2 to 4 inches at the back, which is why they have modesty panels. Vollers don't follow this rule, so the one I've bought even fully laced doesn't remotely pull me in as it should, so I will be reselling it shortly - will do a link to Ebay once it's up so you can bid on it if you wish! I'm going to be selling it for a bargain price, brand new they're £140 or more, but I am going to put a low starting bid for you ladies!

I've retreated to the hills of Abergavenny for Christmas, so alas my sewing will have to wait, but I will be entering the family Christmas cake competition so will be posting about that, and I have also brought some more Poirot DVDs so I can do a couple more fashion specials for you!

I hope you're all managing to have some fun in the run-up to Christmas and that it's not too stressful. I find a glass of port and a nice bit of cheese has a calming effect.

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