Thursday, 9 December 2010

Louis Vuitton Style, Matalan Price...

Darn it, it's always the way that when you snap up a dress it's guaranteed to be in the sale a few weeks later! Ah well, I still can't grumble for paying £25 for a Louis Vuitton style dress, in which I hope I will get mistaken for Karen Elson!
Fantastic quality and detail for the price - lovely satin feel fabric, velvet straps and belt, and a net underskirt. Bravo for Matalan! Best get down there quickly to nab yourself one, mine is going to be the perfect dress for a Christmas party I'm co-hosting. Mince-pie anyone?


  1. Wow, what a bargain. No Matalan near where I live now unfortunately, but one of my favourite ever dresses is Matalan. Only trick is not telling people where it came from ;)

  2. Oh what a gorgeous dress, I want one !! Your going to look fab at Christmas!
    Now where did I put that Matalan card?...

  3. I think you can order stuff online these days if you don't have a store near you!
    Thanks for the comments, I am indeed looking forward to the Christmas party and wearing this dress!


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