Friday, 10 December 2010

Past Times Christmas Ideas

On a mission to complete my Christmas shopping earlier I stumbled into Past Times, and noticed a few rather lovely items that vintage enthusiasts might appreciate, and as they're reproduction they don't come with the hefty price-tags that original items do!

First up is this Art Deco style wall clock (above). Love the colour, and it's currently on sale. Continuing the green Art Deco theme, I love this marcasite ring, a perfect stocking filler at £25.
For something a little more festive, they have a huge range of decorations, including this Victorian inspired Father Christmas frieze and a patriotic Union Jack heart.

If the Forties is more your thing, there are some silver Spitfire cufflinks I thought were quite nice.

Great gift ideas I thought - and most of them are on sale.


  1. Oh, I remember LOVING that shop when it used to be here in Canada. These are fantastic gift ideas!

  2. Sigh, I love all of the items you put on there! I dragged Lord Cherry in there a few weeks ago, under protest as it's 'for old people' - he had a great time saying 'I remember those!!' - men!


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