Friday, 10 December 2010

Quick Photo Post - 40's Night at Gwdihw

Last Friday there was a great turn-out at the 1940's Discotheque in Gwdihw. Above are the lovely Siren Sisters - and those dresses are most definitely from Tara Starlet if I'm not very much mistaken!

My friend Laura and I - the dress I was wearing is a peach '40s number I picked up at the vintage fair in cheltenham, and the photo doesn't do justice to my hair which actually had a victory roll in it, after about 15 minutes of teasing and spraying!!

These are the only snaps that are presentable. I had a bit of trouble with my camera - it's fairly new and I haven't thoroughly tested it out in low-light situations, so most of photos were terribly blurry! There were lots of professional photographers there so the moment their snaps are released, I'll put up some more.

All in all, I had a great time and even did some fancy footwork with my Beloved - for once we didn't stamp on each others' toes!

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