Monday, 13 December 2010

Shoe Moment - Any Human Heart

Aren't Gillian Anderson's shoes just perfect? I'd have them in cherry red and apple green.

I'm ill in bed this afternoon so having a catch up of Any Human Heart seems the perfect medicine!


  1. There's a very similar pair in Office at the moment but they're in a deep pink/mulberry colour which isn't really my thing. Plus the fact they're about £80 :(

  2. I haven't seen this, will have to try and catch it. Hope you feel better soon! x

  3. Thanks for the well-wishing, seems like my immune system has taken a thorough beating recently!

    Any Human Heart is well worth watching, although it will make you cry, beware!

    Miss Lemon - I think the shoes you mean were 'Office Friendly Bow' in Fuschia Suede. They are a very similar shape, and are on sale for £55 now if anyone has spare shoe-money before Christmas!

  4. I wish I had those shoes, I wish I'd watched the program, I wish you a speedy recovery xx

  5. All UK people can use the 4oD online catch-up - episode 1 only available for another 7 days, so best watch it this week!


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