Friday, 31 December 2010

The Family Christmas Cake Competition

This year we started a new family competition to be named Cake Master. The idea started last year when I made a Christmas cake for the first time, and my Dad threw down the gauntlet!

Here's last year's cake, a simple snowflake design, from a Nigella Lawson recipe:

This year, five of us took part but mysteriously my Dad declined to participate - afraid of the competition I think!

Here are the entries, from top to bottom: my cake this year (winner of 'Best Tasting'); my niece's star cake; my sister's snowflake cake; my sister-in-law's holly cake (winner of 'Best Decorated' and overall award of Cake Master!); my brother-in-law's traditional kitsch cake (winner of 'Junior Cake Master', even though he's in his fifties!!).

Really good fun, and next year we're planning on doing a Yule Log. Better start thinking!


  1. WOW! I'm so impressed! Those snowflake ones are especially beautiful!

  2. Those cakes are so impressive all I can say is WOW!!!

  3. How lovely! Your one looks like a crown. But my that is alot of cake to eat :-)

  4. Hiya,
    I couldn't find any contact details for you on your profile so I thought I would just leave a comment...
    I'm going to do a post about my fave bloggers from/based in Wales and I would like to include you. Is that ok? Could I use a photo from your blog to accompany the post?
    Gem x

  5. Thanks for your cake-appreciation comments - it was so much fun to do, and yes it's a lot of cake but I have an absolutely enormous family so it will all get eaten! Mine's nearly gone!

    Gem - I'd be honoured, thank you so much for thinking of lil' ole me!

    Miss P xx

  6. Thanks!!
    The photos from the 40s night are amazing, everyone looks so polished x


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