Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bra Sizing: The Definitive Word

Alas, I have been completely misled by purchasing Calvin Klein underwear and other such American brands in my teenage years! They use the modern sizing, whereas traditionally in Britain we use a different method. Now both have become common, and shops often don't state which method they use, to confuse us all I'm sure!

I refer you all to the What Katie Did website, for all you need to know about bra sizing. It now makes sense to me (sort of), although using the traditional measuring method I am now horrified at my back size, and disappointed in the cup size.

Let there be an end to ill-fitting bras in Britain, though it does mean you'll need to take your glasses shopping so you can read the small print. As a rule, the more upmarket brands use old British sizing, but this isn't always true - even Tesco uses the old sizing, and that's hardly an aspirational brand!

Good luck.

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