Thursday, 6 January 2011

Poirot Fashion Special: The Third Floor Flat

It's Poirot time!

Did any of you Brits catch the Poirot special screened on Christmas Day? A very dark, rather depressing reworking of 'Murder on the Orient Express'. My brother commented that it was as if Christopher Nolan had directed it!

Die-hard fans of the David Suchet series will realise that the next episodes that should be in this fashion special from the first series are 'The Adventure of Johnnie Waverley', and 'Four and Twenty Blackbirds', however, these are nowhere to be found and I must get back to the kind soul who's lent me all these DVDs. So, the next in line is 'The Third Floor Flat', (not to be confused with Christie's short story about the cheap flat).

First, let's have a look at the victim, Ernestine (what a name!), who only has time for one outfit before she dies. It's a rather snazzy jacket, worn over a blouse, and matched with a good tweed skirt.

Next up are the two friends who inhabit the flat above.

The blonde is supposed to be the attractive one out of the two ladies - she's modern, with a striking haircut and has embraced the Chinese influence with that gorgeous jacket she has on later on in the evening.

The next pictures, in the kitchen, highlight the contrast of styles between the two girls - the blonde has a daring l0w-backed gown, the other is looking prim, and could pass for Edwardian from that style of hair and the white lace (is she channelling Helen Bonham-Carter from 'A Room With a View?').

Close up, I don't like that red gown so much. I think the sequin detail is too much, and that kind of satin is incredibly unforgiving, even on a slim actress.

Finally, Miss Lemon. She's perfection once more, but we've seen that polkadot outfit before, here.


  1. I actually had to skip past this as I have it queued up to watch on our recorded shows, will revisit when I am done! We of course watch the Orient at Christmas - I loved the costumes and details, but I thought they made the story a bit confusing and I wasn't sold on the 'Poirot pondering his Catholic guilt' thing.

  2. Yes I saw it, poor old Poirot! We recorded it and watched it with my son, he loves him too although he is convinced he is Italian....:-0

  3. I've recorded MoOE but haven't watched it yet. I love the set up of the early Poirot series with Hastings and Japp always accompanying Poirot on his various exploits. Not always strictly true to the stories but so entertaining. Bring the supporting characters back I say! x

  4. I'm not that crazy about the blond's hairstyle. It would have worked if the story was set in the late 1920s and if her hair had but cut a little shorter.


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