Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Recently Purchased Naughties

The dull, dreary nature of January and February has made me crave new underwear. Here's what I've bought recently, both on sale!

Deco bra from What Katie Did, on sale for £10

Kiss Me Deadly roll-on girdle in pale blue, on sale at La Magia for £12.50

I feel brighter already!


  1. Oooh I like the bra. I have been told by a friend that my fitting is totally wrong though, so I am afraid to buy online now!

  2. A What Katie Did Bra for a mere tenner what a Bargain!!!

  3. Very nice :)
    I can only buy bra's from fantasie because of my size, it's so depressing all my brans are nude or black!

  4. Penny - I will be doing a post soon about sizing so we can clear it up once and for all! Basically we need to know TWO sizes, how irritating!

    Gem - can you dye bras?? I don't know if that's a possibility? There are also various ways to customise, will investigate...

    And yes Wendy, it was a bargain for a tenner! Arrived slightly squished from the post so had to steam it back into shape, but ta-da, all ok now.

    Miss P xx

  5. You got a fab buy there! I am after a girdle at the moment, I am loving lush and lush's online shop!

    I have passed an award on to you, feel free to take it or leave it:

    http://ladycherryloves.blogspot.com/2011/01/night-at-bloscars-tm.html x

  6. what a nice bra!!!
    is it comfortable?

    my first visit,
    greetings from slovenia

  7. Miss Rosette - it's super comfortable, good for every day!
    Miss P xx


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