Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sale Shopping

  • Red midi wool skirt from Warehouse (£25, was £45), worn with black knit bow top from Next.

  • Gorgeous suede navy with white trim gloves from Dune (£18, was £40)

  • Brogues from Schuh (£44.95, totally NOT worth it!)

  • And a little capelet style jacket (not pictured) from Topshop (£10, was £30)
Yes, the shoes are going back to the shop. I ordered them online and was massively disappointed when they arrived. They're very flimsy, sort of ballet-pump construction, and they don't fit either. Very frustrating. I have a pair of Heyday trousers but absolutely no shoes that go with them! I've been searching a while for the perfect black and white brogues. I can't go for the Rocket Originals version as they're far too clumpy (I have big feet, I need shoes to be dainty, not make them look bigger!) and I can't find a nice black and white brogue anywhere else. Office have some mens' but they have a long toe, which would make my feet look like clown feet.
Well, I am hoping to massively curb my spending for the rest of the month - apart from the Topshop item, all others were bought in 2010, so my aim for the rest of the month is only to buy things from charity shops, ebay, or car boot sales, if at all.
Anyone else feeling the pinch, I cannot recommend enough the Money Saving Expert website - give yourselves a financial overhaul and use their free budget planner and all the other wonderful information on there.


  1. Love those gloves, so elegant!
    I'm going to sell a few things on ebay and have cash on me so I can leave my debit card at home, I can't spend loads then

  2. I think I saw some brogues like that in primark; though obviously from there they'd be pretty flimsy they would also be very cheap! c: x

  3. I really like that skirt, it's such a perfect length I think. They had a couple of gorgeous midi skirts in the Next sale too x

  4. I love Money Saving Expert too, it is so useful. I am going to give myself a bit of a budget overhaul next month, I know it is sad but it is so satisfying making up a budget spreadsheet.


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