Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Weekend Car Boot Sale Finds

Slim pickings I'm afraid from the weekend car boot sales and a few charity shops - we were expecting a big haul as many people have a New Year clear out, and of course there are those unwanted Christmas presents - but alas, only a small number of stallholders turned out.

My only purchases were:
  • A 1953 copy of Woman's Weekly, £1
  • A print of a 1930 railway advert (need a frame for it now!), 50p
  • Some pinking shears, 50p, and some reels of cotton, 50p each
  • The Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes, 10p

The highlight of the boot sale was spotting a well-known Vintage Dealer, and basically stalking her to find out which regular stallholders she favoured so that next time I can get there first! Isn't that devious or just slightly dotty? My Beloved had phoned me to tell me about the Woman's Weekly and I said I'd be over to have a look shortly, when I spotted the Dealer making a bee-line for the stall my Beloved was at, so I issued panic instructions to buy! buy! buy! as I knew she would snap it up and then sell it on for £4. In the end, she didn't have anything I was too jealous of, just looked like 70s stuff to me, from peering at her behind a stand of glassware...
Later that day I went to a local charity shop and spotted a 1960's dressing gown, went to find someone to ask the price, and returned to find a member of staff standing with it in her hands. Nope, not moving it around the shop, she was buying it herself. And the worst part is that it turned out everything in the shop was going for £1!!
Any other confessions of the dotty behaviours that a love of vintage has prompted in you, dear readers?


  1. Love that womans weekly. I have have sold things in the Splott car boot before and then it had turned up on ebay for 4 times the price and I've sold high street items to people then they put it straight on their table.
    Weekly people always do this because they have the time to wait for it to sell for a good price and I usually want money to go on a weekend away.

    That vintage dealer was prob buying 70s stuff because the 70's glamour look is going to be a huge trend this season, especially long dresses. 70s and 80s are the worst! I'm more of a 40s/50s girl myself.

    Your tactics at the boot sale sound amazing ;)

    There is a woman going around buying all the tea cups and cake stands in my area to hire for weddings but my nan works in a chairty shop and told her network or old ladies to keep all of them for me, whenever I pop into town there is always stuff out the back of the shop for me :)

  2. It gets a bit competitive doesn't it?! I wonder if it's because you know with vintage that everything you buy is pretty much a one-off - you may find very similar things again, but never an exact copy (except if it's '80s, and then the same M&S jumper keeps turning up again and again...!).

    Good luck with the china collection - post a pic sometime!


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