Thursday, 17 February 2011

Cardiff Event: Affordable Vintage Fair

This Sunday at Cardiff University Students' Union sees the arrival of Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair. It promises discounts of up to 75% off vintage prices elsewhere. But will the quality be up to scratch? I'll find out and let you know.

It's running from 12 to 5pm on Sunday, with a £2 admission charge. Got to be worth a browse, surely?

I've found vintage fairs a bit hit or miss in the past. I've been to quite a few Blind Lemon fairs; the huge ones held in City Hall in Cardiff have been worth going to, but they held a smaller one in the Coal Exchange and it was disappointing. On the other hand, the fair they held in Cheltenham was really, really good in terms of quality of pre 1960s items, but the prices were rather high.

Do you recommend any particular vintage fairs? Let me know!


  1. I'm in work in the library about 2 mins away that day, so annoying! Hope you find some nice pre 60's things. If I find out about any fairs I will let you know x

  2. Aw Gem, that's tough luck! Do you get a lunch break??


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