Thursday, 3 February 2011

Dresses: It's the Peggy!

Thank you all so much for your opinions - taking them into account, I'm going to go for the Tara Starlet 'Peggy' dress. As some of you mentioned, I'll probably get the most wear out of it. So it's a practical decision, not just one from the dress-impulse part of my heart! Who else was jealous that Red Legs in Soho owns BOTH the dresses I was deliberating over?!

I should also confess, that I have bought a couple of other dresses. It's Lady Cherry's fault, she brought my attention to some quite lovely retro-feel dresses from Tesco of all places! So I went out and bought these:

In black, not the brown, which was an awful colour on me! They've sold out of the black online, but they had plenty in-store near me.

The second dress doesn't appear to be available online. I'll have to take a picture, but it's a cap-sleeve short shift dress with tan and white dots on a black background. It's not what I would usually go for, but I think watching Mad Men has made me warm to early '60s fashion and it does look quite '60s on.

Anyway, with the 20% off it was two dresses for £30, a bargain I think.

I should get my order in now on Tara Starlet!


  1. yay! I love that Peggy dress. Can't wait to see pics when it arrives! xoxo

  2. I gave the casino dress to a local charity shop as it got a bit erm tight on me!
    I had to buy the Peggy a size bigger as I don't like things too tight but I am very pleased with the fabric, love bengaline and am sure it will look great on you.x

  3. Muhahahahahaha my work here is done!

    I have got a similar dress to the brown one, in brown. I cannot WAIT to see pictures of you in them, so jealous of your Peggy dress! xx


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