Monday, 7 February 2011

More Naughties for Naughty Me!!

I recently posted about a lovely bra I bought in the sale from What Katie Did. With my order they sent me a voucher for 10% off my next order - it would have been a waste not to use it, so I headed back to the What Katie Did sale page and lo and behold, the matching knickers to the Deco bra were now available in my size! Hurrah!! And then I thought, 'hmm, a girl can never have too many black knickers', so I bought the 'Striptease' ones in black too. Oops.

The Deco knickers are a fabulous fit and I'm incredibly pleased and lucky to have a brief and bra set from What Katie Did for a mere £20! The Striptease knickers, however, have been sent back - they run generously large and were too baggy. Alas. Ah well, they've sent me yet another voucher for 10% off so you never know what replacement I'll find...
I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend - I'm in Brighton so will return with tales of adventures by the sea, most probably involving tea and cake, and new shoes.


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