Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Poirot Fashion Special: Triangle At Rhodes

This is a real treat! One of the first episodes that made me go "oo!" at the clothes, it showcases some fantastic 'resort wear', as Poirot goes on his hols to the Greek isle of Rhodes.

There's no Miss Lemon, but there's a strong contender for her title of reigning fashion-icon, in the form of a red-headed lady that takes a shine to Mr Poirot.

First of all, let's have a look at the clothes of Valentina - she's got money, so her wardrobe should be the most fashionable and enviable. See what you think.

Here come the girls...

Valentina takes the lead as the ladies join their gentlemen in the bar.

I was quite surprised at the dress Valentina wears in this scene - it's incredibly low cut at the front, as well as having an open back. Would that have been considered scandalous at the time?!

Now it's Marjorie's turn. Less money, less style, she's supposed to be a bit more 'dowdy', and even the red-head comments on how her bathing dress is a "mistake". (I think she means the beach pyjamas, it's not a bathing dress, see last pic below of her arriving at the beach laden with stuff).

Right, it's the red-head's turn! She has some wonderful items in her wardrobe. In this first pic, also take notice of 'Tony' on the left, I like his safari style jacket and neck scarf. Looks dapper!

I thought this was a blouse at first, but it's actually a dress with an adorable belt and bow tie detail.

Look at this evening dress and jacket - simply stunning, I would definitely wear it! Even though it's a floral, it's a little more abstract looking on first glance, much more my style.

And finally, the red-head wears my favourite outfit in the entire episode, I think it looks fabulous with her colouring.

And last, for my own amusement, some men in trunks!

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. oh that red headed lady has the best wardrobe... i loved the little white and polka dot dress with red hat. Love the post :D x

  2. I love Valentina's cropped top and the red swim suit, tres chic x


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