Monday, 21 February 2011

Review: Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

Well, did I buy anything?


Was I tempted?

Not really.

It was a very, very mixed affair. Lots and lots of jewellery and accessories, if that's your kind of thing. No stockings, just 1960's tights. Nice re-worked vintage pieces (old watch faces turned into necklaces etc.) Lots and lots of 1980s and 1970s items - knitwear, crazy shirts. Awful leather jackets.

In general, it wasn't for me - I'm not really into jewellery and I really had to hunt to find older items. I was also shocked that some bandanas/head scarves (the cheap cotton ones you can get on ebay or down the charity shop for 50p) were retailing for £3 each. Shocker.

In my hunt for sellers with items from the 1950s or earlier, here's what I found:

Maggies Dress - had a couple of 1950's items, including coats, capes. Nothing much old, mainly later eras.

Some other stalls...OVERPRICED!!! They had some nice 1950s and early 1960s dresses, summer ones, but they were £65 each and they weren't in great condition. I found a Swirl dress, beautiful print, but badly repaired underarms and a big yellow stain on the front. £65?!! They also had a lovely 1930's crepe black and white dress and jacket set, £98 though. Ouch. I also found on their rails a 1920s/1930s peach tennis dress that used to belong to me!!! I sold it on ebay ages ago for about a tenner, they were re-selling it for £38.
Me and the overpriced, poor condition 'Swirl' dress. Lovely print though!
Curious Cleo - by far the best quality and best prices in the entire fair. They had a sign, saying they only deal in 'REAL' vintage, and they were true to their word. They had a beautiful 1950s navy blue oriental style jacket and shift dress for £40, and a black shirt dress (late '40s/early '50s) also for £40. Neither with any condition issues. That's more like it!

I'm not sure if I would go to another one. Only £2 entry, but unless you're into later eras and jewellery (truck loads of it!) I wouldn't bother.


  1. I stopped doing fairs because the stalls cost so much that sellers have to bump their prices up to make any profit. For that reason I don't go to them either! I prefer to stick with shops or etsy.

  2. That's a shame, I was expecting it to be a good addition to the Cardiff Vintage scene. Have you tried the prefab shop in Roath yet? I really need to go down Albany/Wellfield Rd on my next day off

  3. I almost went to the one in Oxford, I'm glad I didn't now.

  4. I heard a similar review in terms of pricing when it was on in London. Such a shame. x


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