Friday, 25 February 2011

Vintage Inspired: Picks from Peacocks

Peacocks? Yes, really! It's cheap, cheerful, and great for vintage inspired items you can wear on days when you don't want to put your best frocks on.

All items below are £22 or under.

First up, footwear - these brogues are a tad cheap looking in the picture but aren't that bad in real life, and for only £20 they're a good buy.

Knitwear next - I adore this sailboat cardigan!And I tried on this cherry jumper. It's quite thin, so not a winter wardrobe item, but the cherries are embroidered and are very sweet!

Well, this isn't vintage inspired but it's Kate Middleton inspired! It's Peacocks' version of the Issa dress she wore to announce her engagement. I'd heard that Peacocks were doing one, and voila, here it is! Only £14 too.

I bought this little dress. It's really short on my long legs so I envisage wearing it with dark tights and a long cardi, but I loved the print. I am not a floral person, but because it's on a black and white polkadot background it makes it much more me! Mine also comes with a different belt, much prettier than the one pictured, its got tiny white flowers on the clasp.

Who doesn't love a Peter Pan collar? I tried this dress on also, but found that the material was so light that it clung in all the wrong places. Oh well.

And finally a couple of shifts for the office. I like the graphic lines on the first, and of course there's another Peter Pan collar on the camel one.

Let me know if you purchase anything...


  1. Oh my! I LOVE that cherry jumper!!!! Thanks for the link :)

  2. I've got the dress that you bought :) I told Sarah (a million dresses) about it too and she bought one and loved it. It's just like a Dahlia dress that costs £60, the only difference is that it isn't lined. I love Peacocks in Cardiff, always has my size

  3. Thanks for the heads up and check out my blog to see what I bought!:-)

    Sadly they didn't have the sailboat cardigan in my local store. Boo!


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