Monday, 7 March 2011

Car Boot Sale Treasure!

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my 1930's dress project! You're all too kind and I'm inspired to have a go again at revamping something, so watch this space for future sewing endeavours!

This is just a quick post to show you a couple of bits of loot from local sales. First up in the 'treasure' department is this set of 1940's frog-closure fasteners still on their original card, so beautiful I couldn't leave them there even though I have no use for them - so you're in luck, I've just added them to my Etsy shop!

The next car-boot sale find was a present from my Beloved, a 1956 novel by James Hadly Chase, This Way for a Shroud, with a scary looking vampy lady on the cover. I've started reading it and the body count is already at seven, despite me being only at Chapter 4.

As well as the usual car-boot sale, I attended a Vintage Sale at Llandaff Cathedral, in aid of their organ fund. It was quite a scrum, with lots of furs, hats from the '80s, and nice branded clothing from the '90s. AND they had some 'real' vintage. Early 1960s, a teeny bit of 1950s, and the odd item from earlier. There were some pretty fabulous wedding dresses - a lace floor-length 1940's number, and a 1960's pristine dress complete with the original shoes.

Things I left on the racks included a 1950's Carnegie blue silk dress in a size 8 (sob sob!), an absolute steal for £20, and some 'mod' style dresses, not really my style.

BUT I did come away with a late 1950's hat, velvet and netting, for just £4! And it comes with a story - the lady who sold it to me said that her mother wore it for her second wedding in 1964. I like a story! I have one small repair to make to it before I model it, but I promise to post a pic in due course.

That's all for now, though I should add to these shopping confessions that I bought another skirt, a Louis-Vuitton inspired one on sale in Tesco. They don't seem to have it on their website so I'll post a pic soon. Come to think of it, it may look good with my new hat!
Hope your Mondays haven't been too painful, I managed to get out for a walk in the sunshine at lunchtime so that's been a good start to the week.
Miss P xx


  1. I hope you'll post a photo of your new hat it sound simply delightful!!

  2. I love that book cover, I can't resist picking up books. My house is over run with them!
    can't wait to see that hat xx


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