Friday, 25 March 2011

Dress Buyers Anonymous: Purchases Update

Last month I was very, very naughty. In fact, my shopping was akin to a SPREE, here's what I clocked up in February:

Space hood for my hairdryer
Brogue shoes
Peacock's 50's style dress
Peacocks' hat
Peacock's belt
Stockings (wool, and plain)
M&S silk dress
Tara Starlet dress
Tesco black dress and Tesco Barbarella mini-dress
Mac eyeshadow brush
Box of 32 pincurl clips
3 boxes curl rollers

My Beloved also reminded me...ahem... that he bought me a dress too last month, which means I had no less than six new dresses last month. Six!!

Is there a Dress Buyers Anonymous I could join please?

So I'm on a bit more of a restrained budget this month. That hasn't stopped me charity-shop shopping or visiting the outlet stores though! Thank heavens for Marks and Spencers Outlet. So far this month my naughty purchases have included:

Merino wool black faux-fur trim sweater
Ava Gardner Biography
White '80s blouse
3 stripey tops (you can never have enough nautical items...)
Sparkly angora socks
Silk lingerie set
Plaid '50s-look skirt

I'm particularly pleased with the skirt, £15 from Next Outlet, it is flannel with patch pockets and a belt and is a great substitute for this Bernie Dexter skirt that I've been hankering after for a while:
I might sew some buttons on to the front and pockets to make it even better.

Rightio, back to the mammoth Spring Clean which so far has resulted in 12 black bags and 8 recycling bags, and a massive bruise and scrape to my thigh.


  1. Suddenly I no longer feel so guilty! That is some dedicated shopping, I raise my shopaholic's hat to you.

  2. You've gone shopping crazy this month :) I've bought a few Peacocks dresses and some 30% off things in Dorothy Perkins which isn't too bad for me

  3. I have that Next skirt too. I've been finding it quite hard to accessorise so I'll look forward to it featuring in future outfit posts :)


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