Thursday, 3 March 2011

Outfit Post: In Trousers At Last!

I only own 1 pair of trousers.

A pair of Heyday grey '40s style ones, that I've had in my wardrobe since last year, but have hardly worn because I didn't have the right shoes. Now that I have my new grey and white brogues, I thought I should give the trousers an outing!

Trousers: Heyday
Shoes: Ebay, Shucrazy
Socks: stolen from my sister


  1. Lovely! Tuck that jumper in and show off those wonderful buttons that go up the hip :)

  2. And what a wonderful pair to have! - I did mean the trousers:) They look great with those lush shoes!!

  3. They look fab, it's so hard to get trousers that fit just right x

  4. The trousers looks great with those brogue, I really need to get myself a pair of Heydays x


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