Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Outfit Post: Yay or Nay to the Seventies Look?

We can't seem to escape from the 1970's influence at the moment - it's absolutely everywhere on the high-streets, catwalks and in every magazine I open.

Being more of a '30s to '50s girl, I've been a bit dubious about the 1970s. The sweat-inducing fabrics. The frizzy hair. The Austrian look. But I have to say that recently I have started to warm to some of it, and I'm debating now whether to embrace this look. I like pussy-bow blouses. I like the Western influence. Could I be a secret '70s fashion lover?!

Rummaging in my wardrobe, this is the closest thing to a '70s look I could pull together.

If you feel it's time for an intervention, speak now or forever hold your peace! I'm off to look at flares.
...Several hours later....
I was obviously in a state of PMT-induced delirium when I posted the above. Me, in flares?! I tried some on in Next, gasped in horror at the reflection, and scrapped that idea straight away. I looked at pretty pussybow blouses, but they're all Polyester, just like in the sweaty Seventies.
Back down to earth with a bump. Still got the urge to shop but I'll have to hold it in for now!


  1. Ha ha ha - PMT induced delirium. I suffer from that!
    I don't know. I am not a flares girl (anymore) but some pussy box shirts tucked into a pencil skirt can look rather fetchingly 40's?

  2. I think you would look fab in some high waisted flares with a floaty blouse and some wedges. 70's is a no go for me as are the 60s. 60's shift dresses and mini things look plain awful on me :( 40s and 50s are my fave x


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