Monday, 28 March 2011

Poirot Fashion Special: The Incredible Theft

Because it's a Monday, we all need a little treat. This time in Poirot world we have some reserved English ladies up against an outlandish American, vyeing to beat Miss Lemon and her perfectly executed wardrobe. First up: Mrs Vandelyn, with German sympathies. She's evil. She probably killed and skinned those foxes herself.
Her evening dress is a showstopper. Is it the fabric called lamé? I've never seen a dress that shiny, not even on Lady Gaga!

This next photo isn't from Poirot, it's a friend who I think looks a lot like Mrs Vanderlyn in the above picture. What do you think? She's probably going to tell me off for putting a picture of her on my blog.

In contrast to the American, a more subtle, but still sparkly, approach to evening wear by the older lady of the party.

Just before she changed for dinner she was wearing a beautiful navy suit with white stripe detail. One of my favourite colour combinations.

Now let's have a look at the lady of the house, Mrs Mayfield. A very sumptuous brocade material for her cape and gown.

In the daytime she has a simple blouse and cardi outfit for being in the house, but when she heads out she really does put the effort in!

Look at the hat with its unusual side decoration, I've never seen anything quite like that before. They use this same hat design in a later episode.

And finally, because no episode of Poirot is complete without her, it's Miss Lemon. Only one outfit in this episode, beautiful ruffle detail on the neck of this dress. And look at those tiny curls on her forehead (are they spit curls? I hate the name!).

Au revoir for now, Poirot-fans!


  1. sigh, swoon, drool! Love it! That's one wild silver dress, isn't it? I do believe it IS lamé. Irene Dunne wears this incredible black dress in ROBERTA (1935) that looks like it is made of lamé (though it almost looks like a rubberized suit!). 30s fashion never fails to WOW!

  2. Oh, a Poirot that I haven't seen! Must find!

    Yes, it's lamé. The Metropolitan has a fantastic silver lamé gown from the thirties that is just that shiny.

    Spit curls is really a horrible name for it!

  3. Ooh I (re)watched this episode a few days ago, what a coincidence! I'm a huge Poirot-fan too! :)

  4. wow, that silver dress is a show stopper!

  5. hello!
    oh my! i have dscovered your blog through vixen vintage and i must say i love it.
    i have a passion for all agatha christie novels and films, esp miss marple, such a cutie pie!
    i'm following immediately and heading over to your etsy shop for a browse!


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