Friday, 4 March 2011

Poirot Fashion Special: Problem at Sea

I'm a little gloomy today (waiting to hear about an important job, and a good friend has just announced she's moving far away!). Let's have a look at some Poirot fashion to brighten the mood.

Poirot is on his hols, again, this time cruising the Mediterranean.

First up, in the evening wear category, batty older ladies in questionable garments. Their prerogative.

The young ladies in this shot look almost Edwardian with those big poufy dresses, what's going on?! And their hair left loose, I'm pretty sure that wasn't fashionable back then. Or is it just because they're so young?

Again we see one of the young ladies in a poufy-sleeved garment with her hair loose.

I was disappointed with the evening wear. Let's move on to day wear, much more exciting!

Now that's what I call a dress.

The costume department have recycled the pattern for the polkadot beach pyjamas seen on Marjorie in the last episode, Triangle at Rhodes. These have a contrast colour collar that's a different shape, but otherwise very similar.

That hat is really unflattering and makes the young lady look like a chef.
But redeems herself with that clutch - just look at the three little sailboats on it! And I love those 'gauntlet' style gloves.

See, visors aren't just from the 1980s...

Finally, let's have a look at the victim's wardrobe. I love this dressing gown she's wearing, it looks like devoré.

Not sure about this day outfit on her, I think the colour of it washes her out a bit.

Poirot looks dapper though as always!

Tiaras are a bit Gypsy wedding in my mind, but she makes it look more regal.

All in all, not overly bowled over by the fashion in this episode. I'm not too fussed on the long floral, floaty dresses popular as evening wear in the 1930s, just because I personally wouldn't suit them, and probably an association with older ladies occasion wear in department stores.

Where's Miss Lemon when you need her?


  1. oh I think my last comment didn't go through. Anyway, I agree that the daywear is nicer here for the most part. Those young gals have the wrong hair length/styles and glove lengths paired with those organdy gowns, which seems to create that Edwardian look, doesn' t it? Good luck regarding your job news...and sorry to hear about your friend!

  2. I love the sailboat clutch but nothing else really caught my eye x

  3. I wasn't very keen of the costumes in this one either. I think the young ladies look like that in an atempt to show that they are much younger than teh actresses playing them. A not very succesfulö atempt...

  4. Agree the clothes in this one are a bit dissapointing, thought of course Poroit always looks dapper!

    P.s I have realised just how very time consuming taking screenshots its so hats off to you, for this series!


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