Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Vintage Inspired: River Island SS11

A seriously impressive collection of 1950's style dresses and some lovely mid-length skirts from River Island. The best 1950's inspired on the high street I've seen in a while. I've tried to put a link for each one, but as a rough guide the dresses range from £24.99 to £59.99, and the skirts are about £24.99 to £34.99.

First up, a very Horrockses looking number! For just £25 too.

I tried this next dress on, really lovely light cotton perfect for holidays and has a semi-open back.

This one comes with a jacket. (or 'shacket' as they put, I think they mean a shrug/jacket!!)

The Western influence!

I love, love, love this pineapple print!

Another sipping-a-cocktail-by-the-sea dress

Too cute!

And now for some skirts - it's always hard to judge length from the websites, so I can't vouch that these are actually mid length, or just a bit longer than usual!

Lovely lace, also available in cream.

I need a pink skirt.
I also need a beige one.
Or maybe red?

I couldn't find most of these in my local store - you might have to order online. Don't forget Asos doesn't charge for delivery, so you can order some items through them rather than through the River Island site itself to save yourself a few quid.


  1. Good picks and good tip on the ASOS website :)

  2. ooooh lovely! the navy one is fab. I don't go in there much but I might have to check it out

  3. What great picks, thanks for tempting me! Love the one with the jacket and the pineapple dress x

  4. I got the lace skirt in cream last weekend :) l mentally spent about 200 quid! I looked at the floral grey bit they didn't have my size. x


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