Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Vintage Market Let Down

Hello there dearies! And what has happened to the Spring? It's rainy, cold and dreary here in Wales and I feel like all the joy has been sucked out of me. It was only this weekend that I was enjoying a Spring walk with not a care in the world, and now I'm back to Earth with a bump and can't stop dwelling on negative things, like my day-job ending in July. Also, I have to report that the promised 'real vintage' market as part of Vintage Generation in Cardiff was a damp squib. Attached is a photo - it was in a gloomy little garage off a lane, and there were only 3 or 4 stallholders. I found one 1950's dress; most items were '70s, '80s or '90s. Nothing exciting, though I did like the hand-crafted cake-stands that used inverted little glasses as stems between the plates. It was too dark to take photos in there, so this one of the outside is all I've got!

Right, let's have some positivity:

- My Beloved is back from his Texas trip!

- I have a long weekend to look forward to.

- There's always cake.

If you're having a gloomy day too then I challenge you to find three positives in it!

Auntie P xx


  1. I am not having a gloomy day, as I have been off work. Tomorrow when I am back at work, gloomniness shall resume ;-) xx

  2. I had a glum day too today, bizarrely my job is ending in July too maybe it's catching.

  3. Hmmmm.. 3 positives. That might be a bit much for me today.. so I shall do my bestest...

    1) I won a giveaway of some vintage jelly moulds!
    2) a fab new vintage hair book arrived next day and I think I might ACTUALLY be able to do some of the styles!
    3) I have 3 days off work next week!

    Oooh.. all that positivity HURT!


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