Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Day Trip: Bath Wedding Exhibition & Afternoon Tea!

I've been on a small adventure today! A trip to Bath to see my friend Victoria, and her friend Jan. We are all vintage-obsessed, so a trip to the Fashion Museum was a must. The exhibition currently running is 'What will she wear?', a special collection of wedding dresses spanning well over a century. My Beloved did raise an eyebrow when I said I was going to look at wedding dresses until I explained that it was purely for Victoria and Jan to get inspiration for their creative works, and for me to do a little blog post. It's a great exhibition, some really interesting dresses. They're not presented in chronological order, so it was really noticeable when a modern 'bad taste' dress was nestled next to a vintage beauty - I'm citing the dress in the bottom right of my little photo montage as a prime example of this. Who would want buttock cleavage at their wedding?!

Dress ages, from left to right,
Top row: early 1900's; early 1960's; 1928
Middle row: 1940s; 1934; 1959
Bottom row: 1989; 1878; 1992

After all that walking around the fashion museum, it was most certainly time for tea, so we headed to The Pump Room. It's tourist season in Bath now, and will remain so right through to the Autumn, so if you do want to go and eat in such a tourist hot-spot, I strongly suggest you book a table! It's really the place to have afternoon tea in Bath - the backdrop of the grand Georgian hall, the soft tinkle of a pianist, the view from the windows out over the green bubbling waters of the Roman spa. What more could you want?

The spread didn't disappoint. £17.50 buys you the 'set afternoon tea', consisting of a pot of tea, scones with clotted cream and jam, a selection of sandwiches, and pastries. The sandwiches were melt in the mouth perfect. Crusts removed, cucumber skin removed, daintly little triangles. The salmon were our favourite. The scones were really good too - some plain, some with fruit. And generous helpings of cream and jam. Already beginning to show signs of slowing, we valiantly went for the top tier of our cake-stand and scoffed the eclairs, mini-battenberg, mini-syllabub, and frangipan tarts. One lonely eclair was left untouched, so we had it wrapped up in a silver-foil makeshift bag to take away.

A very full, sugar-high me! (Top and skirt: New Look, Brogues: Ebay, Bag: car boot sale)

Flats or wedges are a must for traipsing around Bath - the streets are cobbled! In case you're still not sure you should make the trip, let me entice you with one final photo, of the green waters of the old, Roman part of the baths.
What a fun day, but I'm utterly exhausted now!


  1. That arvo tea looks lovely. And the exhibition looks fun too, I really need to get to Bath for a proper trip, I've only ever been once to go in the spa! x

  2. I love Bath! I always go on the free walking tours that meet outside the baths and the Jane Austen tour. I've never been for afternoon tea there though x


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