Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Outfit Post: Tea by the Sea

Top and skirt (with belt): New Look

Neck Scarf: can't remember!

Deck shoes: Asda

Well, tea does always taste better out of a proper cup and saucer! Sorry for the poor quality of my photos recently - my camera has been repaired and they've promised I'll have it back soon, so normal service will be resumed shortly!

Also, has anyone else gone all healthy recently? I actually felt the urge to go for a run the other day, most unlike me I assure you!! The warm weather is having a tonic-like effect!


  1. Ha ha! I love the fact that you took cups and saucers to the beach!

  2. tea by the sea sounds lovely!
    I've been extra healthy recently but I've had far too much Pimms and Easter Eggs this weekend xx


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