Sunday, 24 April 2011

Poirot Fashion Special: The King of Clubs

Happy Easter to you! And welcome to another Poirot delight. Well, it's a small delight this week as The King of Clubs is an episode devoid of any real wardrobe changes - Niamh Cusack is the female lead but alas, the story is set over quite a short span of time and therefore she doesn't get many outfits in! First of all, Niamh is in a desert-scene in the film studio, and is wearing your typical desert-safari garb. The Arabian Prince on the left gets a better outfit deal in this scene for sure!

I don't mean to be unkind, but I'm not sure if the secretary in this next scene is actually a woman - she's really tall and quite masculine, is that actually a man in drag?! There's something about the hair that doesn't sit quite right. Love the bow, is that classed as a 'jabot'?

In contrast, Niamh looks feminine in this odd garment - is it a dress with a tunic jacket over it? It's so unusual, has anybody seen anything like this before? On looking through the accompanying Poirot Magazine to this episode, it's listed as a 'Mink day shawl'.

Later she changes into a lovely polkadot dress with matching hat, with a white fur coat over the top. Again the use of white fur shows just how much money she's making! I just love that the bow on the hat matches the one on the dress. For a very similar dress, you could try this one from Puttin' On the Ritz. The red dress the lady is wearing in the background is also nice but there isn't a clear shot of it.

The older lady on the phone has a brown blouse with white and orange print on it - or is it a dress?
Later, Niamh's in a white nightie as she recuperates from her little trauma of the night before.
Browns and dark reds again for the other ladies in the house, makes them seem quite drab in contrast, particularly as they don't have lipstick on! Still, I like the suit on the right.

We'll finish with a couple of shots of the gentlemen, just because I think they look quite dapper in these screen grabs!

I love the ostentatious look of this last shot, with the crazy blue swirling wallpaper and the gold everywhere - proper old Hollywood in feel.

That's all folks, it was indeed a short one this time!

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