Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Affair of the Mysterious Boots Continues!

It sounds like a Poirot novel, doesn't it?! Thank you all so much again for your responses to my post requesting help in identifying these mysterious boots. We've also been in touch with a curator at an auction house and while he couldn't help with the identification he said that interest in golf memoribilia (if they are indeed golf boots!) has dropped so that selling them at auction isn't recommended. I think my beloved has decided to sell them on ebay because he really has no use for them and neither of us has space at the moment for such artefacts! Maybe in the future when we have a big house we could have a car-boot treasure room, but that's some distance away. I'll let you all know anyway if he decides to sell them. In the meantime, here are some more photos for you to have a look at. Thanks again, I really was impressed by the level of knowledge you readers have! Porcelina xz


  1. While it may be true that the demand for general golf artefacts are on the decline, I'm pretty items of relevance to WOMEN'S participation in the history of golf are more scarce. May I suggest contacting the Women's Golf Museum for advice?
    At the very least, if these ARE early golf boots, I'm sure they would LOVE to acquire such a thing for their collection. As someone very passionate about women's historical contributions to culture, sport, etc being preserved, I think these are important artefacts that should be preserved or displayed SOMEWHERE!

  2. oooh they look very interesting.
    I didn't get any Pearl Lowe dresses because they all felt cheap :( and I haven't lost enough weight so the arms and waist bands were tight on me. The only dress that I thouhgt looked nice in the flesh was the black one with cream lace bows.
    Sorry I took so long to get back to you

  3. Baroness, I agree completely that these should be displayed somewhere or properly preserved! We've also contacted a local Fashion Museum and are waiting for them to get back to us - if we can't get any luck with local places then we will indeed try the women golfers' museum, thanks ever so for the link.

    Gem - it's so annoying when sleeves are too tight, I have that problem too! I was put off from a Pearl Lowe dress last year because it looked really poor quality in the flesh. Such a shame, as the designs are great.

    Miss P xx


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