Friday, 29 April 2011

The New Grace Kelly

Congratulations to the happy couple! I got quite caught up in the romance of the day, how about the rest of you? I caught up witha long lost friend, with tea, cake, and strawberries and cream. Oh, and the plastic tiaras!!

One thing I really found remarkable was Catherine's composure. Bowing of the head each time William saluted. Not showing too much emotion, even though I bet she was bursting at the seams. This generation's 'ice-berg', as Grace Kelly was dubbed?

Worst bit of the day: the solemnity of the service. Repeating 3 times the 'fear of God' did nothing to inspire romance in me. It just scared me, especially in the voice of the Dark Lord...


  1. aww, what a great way to celebrate the wedding! Kate definitely was hard to read. You could tell she was nervous sometimes (her program was shaking a fair bit while she was sitting for part of the service). I LOL'd about the "dark lord" service. Funny, I found myself noticing just how many times the idea of marriage being purely for the increasing of the human population mentioned...and emphasis in general on childbearing (without those exact words being used). No pressure or anything Wills and Kate hehe.

  2. You look ah-mazing in your plastic tiara. Love your lipstick, what is it? Kate was very composed, I thought that she was going to cry when she was walking up the aisle, but she kept it together well. xx

  3. I didn't like tha service at all. My friend got married recently and she is quite religious and she said she would obey her husband, NO WAY!
    Kate looked beautiful and her sister Pippa looked lovely too. They are so well behaved, I'de love a great big royal scandal! x

  4. Well it's certainly kept the newsreaders busy (until the Bin Laden thing..)!

    Lipstick is 'Zero Guilt' by Benefit. Not sure if they still make it, but it's a matte red that has super staying power!

    Back to the reality of work now ladies, the bank holiday is over..

    Miss P xx


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